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  1. Apparently there's no way for playback to handle accelerando and ritardando either? This is a pretty big flaw... even public domain software is able to handle these. How about it, developers? Tempo changes within score for playback are pretty important.
  2. I was thinking of upgrading my version of the notation software, but before I spend the money, I'd like to know if this tempo change issue has been fixed. Going by the version upgrade notices, I don't see it addressed.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm glad it's been brought to their attention and I hope an upgrade will be forthcoming soon. While the ability to create sheet music is one of the main reasons for buying this program, the ability to generate the song itself and test one's musical ideas interactively is equally as important, if not moreso. All in all, it's a very nice program and has one of the strongest and easiest interfaces available... but this oversight on setting tempo for any given measure so that playback recognizes it is disappointing.
  4. I'd REALLY like to know if the software just can't handle this so I quit wasting time with try-this/try-that.
  5. It seems the software lets you change the metronome marking for individual staffs, but the playback doesn't recognize it and continues to play at the metronome tempo set at the start of the song. I have a three verse hymn which proceeds at 90 beats per minute on quarter notes for the first two stanzas, and the last stanza is to proceed at a slower and more majestic pace, probably around 70. The software lets me mark the staff with the new metronome mark, but the midi playback keeps it at 90. Any ideas, or am I trying to do something this particular software can't handle?
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