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  1. JimmyRustle

    Help! New version doesn't take snapshots?

    Yes, you may have to right-click and snapshot, if the Snapshot button is not there. You can also access snapshot through the green file menu. In v6.10 you can try one of the following: Clip -> Player -> Snapshot Sequence -> Player -> Snapshot Clip -> Take Snapshot of Clip Sequence -> Take Snapshot of Sequence
  2. Still likely some bug in VideoPad, so thank you for bringing it to our attention. Looks like Borate has re-encoded or converted the video for you.
  3. So you put a file into VideoPad, export it as MP4, and put it back into VideoPad again? Is this when the issue occurs, or can it happen with a file that wasn't exported with VideoPad?
  4. If it's urgent, you should probably try converting the file into a different format and see if it works with VideoPad. I got your file to play perfectly within VideoPad by converting it to .mkv. To be clear, is it only this specific file that causes problems or does it happen to all MP4s that you export from VideoPad?
  5. We have replicated the issue with the given file. One of our developers will look into it.
  6. JimmyRustle

    Problem adjusting text fade-out speed

    Are you using the transition simply named 'Fade'? Try Cross Fade and see if it's closer to what you want.
  7. JimmyRustle

    Scribble Video Effect

    Could you link an example of what you mean? A video would be best.
  8. JimmyRustle

    Any chance of supporting WebVTT subtitle file format?

    I sent a message to Vimeo tech support a month ago asking about subtitle formatting, and this is the response: "At the moment, there is no functionality to adjust colour or alignment of captions on Vimeo." Regardless, support for WebVTT subtitles has been implemented in VideoPad and is currently in testing. Hopefully you can use VTT after v6.01
  9. JimmyRustle

    Videopad Appearance

    Version 6.1 is the version where the light theme was phased out. Try 6.0, if you really want the light theme. 50/50 chance still applies.