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  1. JimmyRustle

    I can recall seeing "Flip" video effects...

    We do A/B testing on a lot of our new features. So you may or may not see Flip in the effects list. If you really want to use it, you could always re-install your current version of VideoPad and see if it shows up. Bear in mind this will reset the other A/B tests. If Flip ends up being an unpopular feature then you can expect not to see it anymore in subsequent versions.
  2. JimmyRustle

    Transition No Room

    Btw, the above bug described by Nat should be fixed in the soon-to-be-released v6.23. Those little slivers shouldn't be created when snapping is on. Expect more frequent releases in the future.
  3. JimmyRustle

    Censoring goes out of sync

    Yep, it's up now
  4. JimmyRustle

    Suggestion for Text Shadow

    Good idea. I would be a little apprehensive about implementing it however, because the text edit window is getting quite crowded... Maybe it's time to think about a redesign.
  5. v6.20 was unfortunately very buggy when we released it. We are aware of this export hang issue. We have put v6.10 back on the website so I suggest you go back to that one for now.
  6. JimmyRustle

    Censoring goes out of sync

    Yes, your name was sent to our support guy.
  7. JimmyRustle

    Censoring goes out of sync

    We will be re-releasing 6.21 in a day or two.
  8. JimmyRustle

    Can’t Export!

    No worries. Side note: I don't see any reason why 6.21 would only work on Windows 8. We are trying to re-release v6.21 at the moment. Would you be willing to give it another try in a day or two?
  9. JimmyRustle

    Can’t Export!

    This is a known bug with v6.20, so we've taken it off the server. Right now the version on the website is 6.10. Like Borate suggested, give that a try. The export should be fine there.
  10. JimmyRustle

    Video Export Hangs at 99.5%

    We have confirmed this as an issue with the recently released 6.20 version. We're working on fixing it ASAP. My guess is that Borate and Nat have actually been using 6.20 beta, which probably doesn't have the same issue.
  11. JimmyRustle

    No audio on MP4 after editing

    Could be related to this: It is a lengthy thread to read, but there is a fix described.
  12. JimmyRustle

    Export quality

    New version is in release testing right now. Hopefully should be available in a week or two.
  13. JimmyRustle

    Exporting videos to Facebook

    Facebook has deprecated the API that we needed for uploading images and video. Unfortunately there's nothing we can really do about this.
  14. JimmyRustle

    Start/End buttons in Clip Preview

    Hi Nat, Not sure what you mean there. "But still.....Why, when the trim is done from the clip in the bin and the the result is placed, does the clip in the bin retain the trim but when trimmed from the timeline it doesn't?" If I understand you correctly, I think you answered your own question a little earlier: "The bin clip stays "complete" so it can be reused if necessary. That's fine but....... " If you trim the clip from the timeline, it shouldn't affect the clip in the bin. A track clip can be thought of as an instance of a bin clip and shouldn't affect the original. I think you're right in saying that the Trim buttons disappearing isn't ideal; they are more important than some of the other buttons that disappear later. As we just saw, this behaviour can even confuse an experienced VideoPad user. We'll think about how we can fix this.
  15. JimmyRustle

    Clip speed as an effect? Suggestion

    Yep, that's a planned feature.