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  1. JimmyRustle

    Exported Video has frame duplicates

    I use a program called MediaInfo to check these things. Link is in the forum sticky: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/ Look for Frame Rate Mode to find out if your video is constant or variable.
  2. JimmyRustle

    Exported Video has frame duplicates

    You can export as an image sequence, which will give you a series of JPGs. Maybe that will be more suitable?
  3. JimmyRustle

    Title frames don't export/save.

    Sounds like a bug. What kind of text clips? Regular text clips or animated titles? Info such as export settings and VP version number (visible in the bottom left corner of the application) would also be useful. If you are comfortable with sharing the project, please follow the linked instructions and post the shared project here on the forum or PM a developer (such as me) http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/
  4. JimmyRustle

    Two equalizer problems (VideoPad version 7.01 beta)

    Tried again a few times and no issue. Borate couldn't replicate it either. Unrelated, but in your screenshot it has the German word 'Fehler' while everything else is in English. Surprising.
  5. JimmyRustle

    Two equalizer problems (VideoPad version 7.01 beta)

    Problem #2 looks like something that can be improved upon. However, I was able to create two of my own presets without any problem. I'll take a look at the relevant code and see if there's anything obviously wrong, maybe I just didn't trigger the bug somehow. Tested on current development version (v7.01)
  6. JimmyRustle

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi Borate, The <alt> issue has been on the backlog for a while, no easy solution can be seen immediately. The shortcut bell issue you describe is new to me however, and I can't replicate it. Maybe continue this discussion in a PM to avoid cluttering up this thread?
  7. JimmyRustle

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi Nat, Could I ask what File button you are clicking? There's two, depending on program state. Here's what I've noticed. If I click the 'top' File button then all the menu entries are updated appropriately. Meaning Export All Sequences... should be active/inactive based on whether there are two or more sequences in the project or not. The Green file button seems buggy. When I click that one, the entries are not automatically updated, meaning you could see a disabled Export All Sequences... option even when there are enough sequences, or it could be enabled when there are not enough sequences. I think the former is happening in your case. The bugginess of the Green button needs to be fixed. Until then, you can use the top button instead and it should (hopefully) display Export All Sequences... in the correct state. Still no idea about your inactive export window problem, however.
  8. JimmyRustle

    Can't export all sequences

    Wasn't able to replicate any of Nat's strange VP behaviour. For me, if I create a project with multiple sequences and then undo until I have an empty project, then Export All Sequences... in the menu is not greyed out. Clicking it does nothing, which is a bug. This is the opposite of the issue described by Nat. Was not able to replicate the Export dialog with inactive options. Will try again tomorrow.
  9. JimmyRustle

    Can't export all sequences

    It's a paid feature now I believe EDIT: It being a paid option should have nothing to do with it being greyed out. It should only be greyed out when the number of sequences is less than two. So something is wrong here.
  10. JimmyRustle

    Suggested Subtitle Fix

    Yes, subtitles now automatically become 'linked' to an overlapping track clip, and should move if the track clip moves. If it overlaps with an unlinked video clip and an unlinked audio clip, it links to the audio clip by default. I recently found small bugs with this feature, which have been fixed so the upcoming version (v6.31) will be a touch better for subtitle editing.
  11. JimmyRustle

    How to position subtitle at current position?

    Just move the red cursor to the desired playback position, press the Add button and then start typing your text. It's always positioned at the red cursor's position when you add it. After adding a subtitle we just move the red cursor automatically to the new subtitle's end position because we assume the next subtitle is directly adjacent.
  12. JimmyRustle

    How to unlink text objects from each other?

    What you probably did is to drag one text clip from the bin and onto the sequence, at which point you copy pasted it multiple times? This means they are all linked to the same original bin clip and will respond to changes to that bin clip accordingly. I believe this is how it works for all clip types. What you'll want to do instead is to create one text clip in the bin, set the desired formatting, and then copy paste it multiple times in the bin. They will all have the same formatting at this stage but they'll also have the same text, so you'll have to edit each bin clip individually. Once that's done, all that's left is to add them to the sequence.
  13. JimmyRustle

    How to shift subtitles when a clip is inserted?

    In the new versions (I think v6.10 onwards) we attempt to 'link' subtitles to overlapped clips, with sound clips taking priority. It's not exactly perfect but I think it should work fine in your simple case where you just want to insert a clip at the beginning.
  14. JimmyRustle

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    Ripple editing means it will close gaps where it can. So let's say I drag a clip from the bin to the middle of the sequence somewhere. It will try to close any gaps before the insertion point, so visually it will 'snap' to the right boundary of a clip that might already be sitting on the sequence. Ripple editing can also apply when we are not dragging clips around, for example if I have three clips in a row and I delete the middle one, ripple editing will close the gap between the 1st and 3rd clip to give us two adjacent clips on the sequence. Ripple editing is a broad concept that applies in many circumstances, but in all situations you should be able to avert the default behaviour by using Alt. The behaviour can sometimes change based on context, this is just a general description. Anyway, we would be interested to hear user input to see if this behaviour can be improved or made more intuitive in any way. If any fiddly annoying cases can be found, please let us know.
  15. JimmyRustle

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    Try holding Shift as well when you drag. I believe there's a tooltip which says 'Hold Shift to disable snapping'. To clarify, there's two types of 'snapping'. There's one type which can be referred to as 'ripple editing'. This is on by default, and it basically attempts to avoid gaps being created in the sequence. Holding Alt allows you to move a track clip without ripple editing. The more subtle type of snapping and probably what @bassman is describing is what I would call 'magnetic snapping'. This tries to assist you in lining up clip boundaries. If you don't want it to snap like that, you can just hold 'Shift'.