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  1. JimmyRustle

    Limit on number of sequences or their size?

    If the program aborted it could be because of too much memory usage. A classic tell-tale sign is if the program crashes without displaying the 'VideoPad has encountered an abnormal exception' message. One way to reduce memory usage on a large, complex project is to reduce the preview resolution (Options on Home Tab - > Display -> Preview Format). With that said we have improved memory usage somewhat in v6.31 (yet to be released).
  2. Well I'll keep an eye on this issue and see if I'm able to replicate it at any point. Thanks for reporting.
  3. From memory there's a special shortcut combination used across all NCH applications to provide a universal way to bring up the register dialog. This is so that support people don't need to provide users with a different set of instructions on how to open the register window for every application. Anyway, I don't remember what the shortcut is but sounds like you are accidentally triggering it somehow. Little confusing since I think it included Ctrl/Shift modifiers. Anyway, are you using Sticky Keys or something?
  4. JimmyRustle

    Flipped Horizontally video does not save

    Which 'Flip' did you use? Did you right-click on the clip and press 'Flip', or did you add the 'Flip' effect?
  5. JimmyRustle

    Subtitles imported from .SRT have zero timings

    Also, the format for timestamps should be: hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds Note the comma! So really your file should look like: 1 0:00:00,000 --> 0:00:01,590 Welcome to my video 2 0:00:02,000 --> 0:00:09,590 I'm going to show you how to change a lightbulb Also make sure to put two blank lines at the end of the file, or else it doesn't seem to load the last subtitle. I don't think this bit is a requirement of the SRT standard and is probably just a VideoPad quirk. I should check if this is a bug or not.
  6. JimmyRustle

    Subtitles imported from .SRT have zero timings

    Those don't look like valid SRT subtitles to me. All examples I have seen use --> for separating time-stamps, not ==>
  7. JimmyRustle

    Release Note v6.28

    Little late but here's a release note for version 6.28: Provide downloadable template projects Added file size estimate in export dialog Preserve track clip fade-ins when using drag-drop-and-replace Fix possible crash when using effects dialog Can now change audio stream on the fly for a video with multiple audio streams (Right click in bin -> Select Audio Stream). No longer need to re-import to select a new audio stream. Version 6.29 is basically the same with a few bug fixes: Fixed black frame at the end of a fade-in. Fixed cache bug when resizing overlayed track Fixed potential crash when splitting a clip with the Censor effect on it
  8. JimmyRustle

    Black frame glitch

    The black frame for transitions was also confirmed as a bug recently (thanks Borate!). Version 6.30 coming soon with this issue fixed.
  9. JimmyRustle

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    Replicated by us. One of our developers is looking into it.
  10. JimmyRustle

    Black frame glitch

    Thanks. The Fade in issue is fixed, new release coming soon. EDIT: Fixed now in v6.29
  11. JimmyRustle

    Black frame glitch

    Thanks to those who helped describe how to replicate the Fade in bug. I replicated the Fade in bug as described, but the OP stated "frame of black added to my fade ins and outs as well as my transitions". I can't replicate the same bug with transitions. Has anyone replicated the same issue with transitions?
  12. JimmyRustle

    StopWatch setting and other bugs

    What export settings did you use? Looking at your exported videos with dark squares, this looks like the type of thing that can happen if your video bitrate is set too low. Can you check the bitrate of the exported video by right clicking on it and pressing Properties?
  13. JimmyRustle

    Re Add Snapshot

    The big snapshot button is gone from v6.24 onwards, but you can still take snapshots in a few different ways: 1) You can press F11. This takes a snapshot of the sequence, not the clip preview. 2) You can right click the clip preview and select Take Snapshot of Clip. This should take a snapshot of the clip preview. 3) You can use File menu -> Clip -> New Freeze Frame Image from Preview or File menu -> Sequence -> New Freeze Frame Image from Preview.
  14. JimmyRustle

    Release Note v6.24

    Also fixed memory leak issues on export. Should fix many crashes.
  15. JimmyRustle

    VideoPad not exporting images

    For the record, v6.20 and v6.21 are very buggy. So I recommend not using those versions. v6.22 is fairly stable and an improved v6.23 is coming soon.