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    Hey thanks for the reply. So what software did you use and did it work?
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    NOT HAPPY #2

    I purchased MixPad about 30 days ago. I use Behringer UMC404HD as my interface. I'm using Windows 10. I can load an MP3 file to any of the track and play fine (I picked track #5). I can configure 4 mics on 4 tracks (track 1-4). I click "Record" (Red button) on each individual track and I can see and hear my voice being recorded (track 1-4 work fine). I enable "record" on all tracks (1-4) , track #5 is the MP3 file which I tested in the beginning and it worked fine. Now, when I click on the main "Record" at the bottom (the player), the mic tracks (1-4) started to record how ever I cannot hear any music coming out of track #5. Once I clicked on the "Stop" (the player) the entire MixPad locked-up. I closed the MixPad and re-started the MixPad, the same problem repeats, meaning the MP3 file will play independently until I clicked on the "Record" at the bottom (the player). I contacted support desk (I purchased 30 days support option) via email only (they will not give out phone number), this was a joke! they acted like I'm .... can't say it! I'm sure that there is an easy answer some where but I can't find it right now. PLEASE ADVISE! Thank you, Man N