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  1. bgharvey

    Free or Not Free

    That still doesn't explain how the same download file works as "free" on one computer and not on the other. I used the same download ( mpsetup.exe ) for both. Also, on the latency, I've tried that option and it made no difference. The other thing is that how can I determine exactly what the latency value is, other than trial and error?
  2. bgharvey

    Free or Not Free

    I downloaded Mixpad on two different computers basically because I wasn't getting good results on the first one. So now the Mixpad still opens on the original but won't open on the second one. I get three options: 1) View special pricing and Buy 2) Enter a code after purchasing 3) Exit and Close Mixpad I thought using Mixpad for non-commercial purposes was allowed. Apparently depends on something more than that. I haven't found it to deal with latency well so I won't be buying it. Too bad, cuz I liked the format for just wanting to record multiple audio tracks without all the extras like midi and the like.
  3. bgharvey

    NOT HAPPY #2

    I tried for days using a UMC202HD, so maybe Mixpad has an issue with Behringer. Even if you do get it working your next issue will probably be latency. I did get my UMC202HD to work, but then tackling the latency made me just give up. They make it sound so easy but nothing I tried solved my latency issue. I had to move on to a different software.
  4. bgharvey


    I'm struggling with latency and have tried everything. I'm using ASIO Drivers as recommended, I've experimented with the milliseconds in the "offset recordings" option, and I have a controls panel for my Behringer UMC202HD where I can set different levels for latency, none of them help or even seem to make a difference. I'm wondering if these only work after you've paid for a license. I'm experimenting with the free version, but I'm not gonna fork over $100 only to find out it still doesn't work. I even set the milliseconds in the "offset recordings" to 1000 thinking it should throw off the tracks and make it real obvious, but I can't even notice a difference. I'm about ready to pull out my old analog 4 track reel to reel and go back to the old way. I'm not finding any solid solutions in this forum.
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