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    Walk Out Basement

    Hi Eddy, I never did get the problem resolved. I was only playing around with the software because we were building a new house and I wanted to try things out. Other than that problem, I liked what was available. Sorry I couldn't offer any solution. Support wasn't real helpful either.
  2. TJ69

    Walk Out Basement

    I just recently purchased this program, so I hope I have the most recent updates. Thank you for the support - I will contact NCH.
  3. TJ69

    Walk Out Basement

    I created my basement below ground level... simple enough. Then I had to remove all the dirt at the back of the house to have the basement visible. Again, simple enough, although leveling is not easy...But I made it work. Now the problem is when I try to add items, ie... landscape items, decks, pool, etc.. I cannot get the items below ground level. Everything sits at the street level, in mid air(but remember this is at the back of the house and all these items need to be "below" street level (-9'). I don't know how to correct this. thank you for any help.
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