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    Sequence Running Time Stops

    Although the red time line advances over the clips, the running time at the top of the sequence isn't advancing or if it does, it does in jumps. Any subtitles included in the clip doesn't show in the preview since the running time has stopped at the beginning of the clip. Oddly the running time continues normally when a video is running just not with a still image. I've noticed this just recently. What did I do to make this occur? As a follow up, will the subtitle still be displayed in the final product even though it is not seen in the preview as the running time stops at the beginning of the subtitled still image?
  2. tilghmanh

    Phasing Audio

    Is it possible to phase audio in and out in the same clip? In other words from a soft sound to normal and back to soft at the end.
  3. tilghmanh


    After adding a subtitle to an image and then adding another image (or images) before it, is it possible to keep the subtitle attached to the first image or must the subtitle be moved to again fall within that first image? In other words, does the timeline dictate where the subtitle falls regardless where on the image it is originally placed on? Thank you.
  4. tilghmanh

    Missing Originals

    I'm new to this software. Why when an edit is made and saved it now becomes the "original"? How do I reclaim the original original to correct or make changes to it?