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  1. VideoSmideo

    .mp4 with no audio??

    Same for me. I updated to 6.1 and still nada. Its weird because it worked before. Perhaps a Windows 10 sys update? I did just update since my last video project. Anyone else? I've also confirmed that avi file with sound did work.
  2. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    ...yea this is above my head. When I put the file location path in my web browser I do see the cache folder along with the other stuff in my screen shot. I have another Dell PC coming to replace this one because it is getting too hot. When I have a clean machine I will update this thread. For now, I'm editing on super low preview settings and it works. If this sounds related to the cache (??) I will look forward to the fresh install. The oldest version I have had on this new PC was v5.2.
  3. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    yup thats right C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp\ and when I open that, I see what it is the screenshot https://pictr.com/image/W4QhQ
  4. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    OK, am i looking for this because it sounds related to what I shared above? I dont seem to have that folder in the expected place https://pictr.com/image/W4QhQ
  5. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Ok I'm back in v6. I've loaded 39 clips that total 22 minutes of iphone 1080 60fps .mov files. It can't seem to handle it. I'm trying to export the whole thing to mp4 and then will try to work with that. Updates coming... Update #1 Exporting the original clips to single 3.3GB 60fps 1080p MP4 file took 73 minutes. Update #2 the newly loaded file is half way green-cached. I split the clip 8 seconds in and now anything after that split is stuck "building preview, please wait." However the time is still advancing along with the audio. I will try again if and when it completely caches. I would have lost this bet... I really thought a single 22 minute already converted to mp4 file would have worked. Update #3 Fully cached, computer CPU not working on it anymore. Still stuck in building preview after first and only edit, that first split. Update #4 Tried hardware accelerated video effects unchecked and restarted program. No Joy. Cached, but stuck on "building preview please wait" along with sound and time progressing. Update #5 Lowered the preview res to 512x288 and 25 fps. Even before caching it immediately works as expected. Is it viable option for me? No, because < 12 fps in slow is too low to view at this res (accidentally put missed buckets in the highlights). But hopefully this is helpful to target core issue. I can also add that issues seem to be unrelated to computer resources which were never near max. Limitations in higher preview mode seems to be related to videopad.
  6. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    My reg code is not good for 6. I'm happy to keep trying and pay for upgrade if it works but gonna need a code.
  7. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    How do I count the files in cache? I see my clips and I see them in the sequence. How do I get v6.01 again. I was only up to 5.2 when prompted to get 6 after it crashed. I'm 5.2 now.
  8. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Right on
  9. VideoSmideo

    Original vs Compatible version of .mov from iphone?

    There seems to be a known issue where Iphone files sometimes will not move from phone to PC. One of the solutions suggested in help forums is to changed your iphone setting to "Use original" vs "auto choose compatible" file version. I changed mine to use original and sure enough, different file sizes moved nicely from my iphone to my PC. However, I now wonder if this is a new variable when working with my clips and wonder if this was tested... Or maybe this is nothing. It seems like when most people have an issue it is with .mov files... but then again iphones must make up half of the VP users.
  10. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Is that a 6.1 option? I'm back in 5.2 for the moment. When you say "this" is a bug. What are you referring to? What is "motion effect". I don't believe I have applied a specific effect. All my videos are kids running on the court. Performance problems exist before editing any clips including slow-mo. Let me know what you'd you like me to test.
  11. Has anyone noticed if changing this setting on iphone alters the file in a way that makes it different for Videopad?
  12. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    FYI for anyone else following or dev... The same project loaded and cached in v5.2. Some delay between actions but it works.
  13. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Impressive testing and knowledge of the inner workings but I don't see how it relates to what I am sharing in this thread. I don't have any project work I need to salvage and am not looking to use a lower level of quality. It seems like one of the takeaways is A) VP might be limited in working with the size of these files and B ) to use 30fps because nothing to be gained from 60. I record in 60 because its motion so it looks noticeably better especially when you slow down to 50% or 33%... you are back to 30fps or lower. These same basketball games were being edited relatively well in v5.2 so I don't want to settle for less than I had before or my default setting on my 128gb iphone. I am still using v6 because I thought this might be helpful for devs and because 5.2 crashed and was prompted to use 6. I will go back to 5.2 if we are at a dead end here. I also wondered if this might be specific to .mov files or if v6 has settings for system resources.
  14. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    I have 80gb left on the SSD where I am keeping all things video related. The timeline never did finish caching. Maybe I need to set allocation somewhere for a 45 min file? Am I not supposed to be able to edit a project so big?
  15. VideoSmideo

    Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    I hear ya but it would seem this behavior is related to the size of my project unlike the last time when you helped me with a specific clip. Ok so hear is what happened... I cleared it. I loaded up my existing 41 minute project. It took a long time like I was loading a new set of clips. The first five minutes cached at a reasonable rate. Within that 5 minutes of video in the timeline, I was able to move my marker around freely and view my video footage. It seemed like we are on the right track with it being cache related (with exception of the red time marker jumping back and having to be moved again which seems to be an unrelated bug so I won't keep mentioning that). Then, I moved my red time marker to a portion of the clip that was not yet cached. That seemed to have triggered things to go wrong. It froze briefly and after that... moving to points in the cached portion of the clip did not work. By not working I mean I can move the red marker within the green-marked cached portion of the project but it will not play. If I choose a spot and hit play, minutes later, it may start playing. Caching in general: The green line that is telling me the project is caching is actually progressing this time, but at a crawl. It's covered 15 minutes of clip time in about 40 minutes since I loaded the project. And as I mentioned, the green portion of the project doesn't seem to suggest it is workable anyway. I am tempted to let it run for a few hours so I can tell you what happens when the whole project is cached and its resources are free to maybe let me edit. Not sure if that helps or if you can already tell where I am getting jammed up? Let me know if you would like to share my screen or for me to collect any data before I uninstall and try 5.2 again.