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  1. This is a liquid cooled 8700k, 32gb ram gtx 1080Ti desktop. No issues here... unless there is some setting within Videopad I can change.
  2. My computer could probably work 4 video projects at once and have resources left. It is powerful. I used to edit on a i7 16gb win10 laptop and had CPU spikes. This desktop is a supercomputer by comparison but the program seems to be bogged down by itself. Is there a place to check if what resources I am allocating? My videos are all 1080p and 60fps (I'd like to edit 4k 60fps since iphones are at that but not going to borrow trouble). Usually I am trying to edit a 30 minute basketball game down to 4 minutes. I guess at 60fps I am editing about an hour's worth of 1080 footage when compared to most people using 30fps.
  3. There was no sound track with the video file.
  4. What I meant was is this typical for a large HD file? Really, I'm starting to feel like I am putting a square peg in a round hole and maybe its good for small clips put not good for editing full movies or a full basketball game with slow-mo. I just can't tell where the cut off is. Maybe I should be doing videos in 10 minute chunks? When I used 20 or so clips there was no chance it was gonna preview. So I rendered it into one clip you see above. Now I am trying to edit that. I finally got it to work by going down to 15fps and lowest 16:9 resolution but its hard to see. A few times I have put missed shots in the final highlight film doing it this way. Also, I think we need to put a big CLEAR CACHE button on the toolbar.
  5. I dont see any version info on that file but I am already on 6.10.
  6. Is this behavior typical for a 1080 60fps 25 minute video? My computer resources aren't even 1/4 of available. Low preview settings 30fps
  7. I dont know why but when I go to users/name and look for AppData its just not in there which is why I found the wrong program folders. BUT when I follow your instructions by putting the address in manually, I have that file path. I replaced it and tried an MP4 and for first time since this thread, I have sound. Thanks!
  8. https://1ce.org/HJPXjNhxm Like this? If so, did not work. To answer your uninstall Q, No, I didnt have the file to delete in the first place. I uninstalled and redownloaded because it was said above it was a problem that was not present in new download files.
  9. Hi Guys, Still no sound. I uninstalled and reinstalled a new Videopad. I search my computer for aacenc3 including using the tool above and I dont have it. I have been using AVI files and then converting those with another program to MP4 for twitter. I am real ready to get past this issue. Any advice?
  10. Same for me. I updated to 6.1 and still nada. Its weird because it worked before. Perhaps a Windows 10 sys update? I did just update since my last video project. Anyone else? I've also confirmed that avi file with sound did work.
  11. ...yea this is above my head. When I put the file location path in my web browser I do see the cache folder along with the other stuff in my screen shot. I have another Dell PC coming to replace this one because it is getting too hot. When I have a clean machine I will update this thread. For now, I'm editing on super low preview settings and it works. If this sounds related to the cache (??) I will look forward to the fresh install. The oldest version I have had on this new PC was v5.2.
  12. yup thats right C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp\ and when I open that, I see what it is the screenshot https://pictr.com/image/W4QhQ
  13. OK, am i looking for this because it sounds related to what I shared above? I dont seem to have that folder in the expected place https://pictr.com/image/W4QhQ
  14. Ok I'm back in v6. I've loaded 39 clips that total 22 minutes of iphone 1080 60fps .mov files. It can't seem to handle it. I'm trying to export the whole thing to mp4 and then will try to work with that. Updates coming... Update #1 Exporting the original clips to single 3.3GB 60fps 1080p MP4 file took 73 minutes. Update #2 the newly loaded file is half way green-cached. I split the clip 8 seconds in and now anything after that split is stuck "building preview, please wait." However the time is still advancing along with the audio. I will try again if and when it completely caches. I would have lost this bet... I really thought a single 22 minute already converted to mp4 file would have worked. Update #3 Fully cached, computer CPU not working on it anymore. Still stuck in building preview after first and only edit, that first split. Update #4 Tried hardware accelerated video effects unchecked and restarted program. No Joy. Cached, but stuck on "building preview please wait" along with sound and time progressing. Update #5 Lowered the preview res to 512x288 and 25 fps. Even before caching it immediately works as expected. Is it viable option for me? No, because < 12 fps in slow is too low to view at this res (accidentally put missed buckets in the highlights). But hopefully this is helpful to target core issue. I can also add that issues seem to be unrelated to computer resources which were never near max. Limitations in higher preview mode seems to be related to videopad.
  15. My reg code is not good for 6. I'm happy to keep trying and pay for upgrade if it works but gonna need a code.
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