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  1. Much thanks. That was very cool of you to do that. Unfortunately I am getting a lot of wonky stuff like that coming right off my iphone and my Sony Cam. That one was from an Android. Do you know what if any bugs or performance improvements were done from 5.2 to 5.3? Further to that, from 5 to version 6, are there core changes to improve performance or is it entirely feature upgrades? The release notes say when there was a release but no change log. Thanks again
  2. Thanks!!. It is a small low res clip someone took with their phone... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZfVlh6FbxJiniHt1E0qcVJBtZrsYRdGO
  3. Videopad Version: 5.2 Windows 10 Config: i7-8700 6 core 32gb Ram 1080GTX 8gb video card Hi fellow Videopad'rs! Is anyone else using version 5.2 and had problems where there is no motion in the sequence preview (or in the exported video file) at the beginning of the video track while the timeline progresses and audio track plays? It's as if the video track is frozen but the original MP4 clips work fine before it is imported to edit. I'm also seeing the audio not mute or unmute when using the audio track controls. I have already asked NCH for the latest updates for my current version 5.2, which is 5.3 to get bug fixes, but was denied because I purchased longer than 6 months ago. So while I can't update to fix I'd still like to know if its a known issue with 5.2!? Maybe NCH will need me to pay 2x to get a working version which I'm not ruling out. Thanks !