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    export prompted to upgrade

    That "this comes up often" does not surprise me. That should already be sufficient reason to give clear information that 'free' means you only get a trial period. But I have the impression NCH marketing deliberately choses not to so. Pity. It did not stimulate me to upgrade. On the contrary, it stimulates me to return to other apps, such as Handbrake.
  2. William1

    export prompted to upgrade

    After a few weeks I had the same experience: from the export options the most interesting options are disababled. This was a huge surprise and disappointment for me because with the free download exe file in the section 'More Free Software' NCH gives this information: "This full featured, free video editor lets you create professional videos in just minutes." With this description NCH creates incorrect expectations when after some time several features are disabled unless you upgrade to a paid version. I call this misleading information. It is only a short period a full-feated (free) video editor. Tell that in all honesty in advance and also describe what features will be disabled after the trial period.