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    cannot acces text properties

    simple solution: restart of the nch application.
  2. louis14

    cannot acces text properties

    I have registered a licence for Disketch Plus and entered my registration code. I have selected " new" and choosen " cd and case on generic paper" I can "add text": in text properties I can type text but I cannot access font,font size,font style, font color,backgound color I can select curved text what must I do to access the font functions?
  3. louis14

    cannot acces text properties

    I see "the square" i talked about is the "box" the speak about in the text and indeed it can be solid or dashed line. But even if I have a box around my text my text properties are not active.
  4. louis14

    cannot acces text properties

    I have found the following text : "Click the text overlay if it is not active. You can tell that the text overlay is active when you see a either a solid or a dashed black box around it. Once active, you can begin to edit your text via the Text Properties panel in the right sidebar." But I don't understand what they mean. I have clicked everywhere on the text on the CD but that didn't help. I just see a CD image with a square on it and in the square the is a text.