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  1. Change the px in VIDEO PREVIEW under OPTIONS.
  2. SOLVED!!! If you wish to make a vertical or a square video (Facebook/Instagram) - first you need to set the sequence to your desired size - do that by changing the format in VIDEO PREVIEW (stupid but it works) dialog (under options). And you're good to go.
  3. That the thing, it creates black borders. A square video is the closest I can get.
  4. I have a nice HD (1280x720) video that I want to export as a square or vertical video for social media. In my videopad 5 there was this prompt message - do you want to crop edges by clicking yes it cropes the 16:9 edges and worked like a charm.. now in the latest 6 version, this message is missing and videopad exports the whole 16:9 video without cropping the edges. How do you export square of vertical videos?
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