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  1. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    Excellent, thanks again.
  2. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    Hey thanks Borate, both of your suggestions work even though the overlap still happens when manually changing the fade duration in the bottom right of the effects window.
  3. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    With all that's been tested here, my issues are still in effect. I add 2 separate clips of 10 seconds in length, I set the editing option to either ASK ME or GENERATE FREEZE FRAMES and when I add a 4 second fade between the two clips, they immediately overlap so that the entire timeline length that started out as 20 seconds, reduces to 16 seconds. The only way I can get the fade to work without overlap is to leave a small gap between the clips then do a separate fade out and fade in for each clip. Another thing I noticed while doing this is that if I fade out the clip for 4 seconds, it has gone completely black after only 1.5 seconds. If the fade out changes to 6 seconds or 2 seconds, the fade out happens proportionately early i.e. in a 2 second fade, it's gone black in less than 1 seconds. I also installed VideoPad on another freshly installed computer and got the same behaviour for both a new project and this one that I saved as a portable project.
  4. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    Sorry I should have mentioned that I have already tried that setting (Ask me). It changes nothing, the timeline continues to overlap depending on the duration I specify. Nothing I do to the options or program including reinstallation will get it to retrigger the ask me so I can stop it overlapping.
  5. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    Thanks for answering in detail. My last post said that I changed the suggested settings, the ones you are both talking about but it does not seem to be having any effect. https://ibb.co/bOizWK With this setting in place, the transitions still shift and overlap. Even uninstalling and reinstalling the software does not change the behaviour.
  6. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    This is still happening! When I make a fade transition between two clips the whole timeline shortens a bit. I have changed the suggested settings but I am not getting asked for which setting as I set it. And even uninstalling then reinstalling the whole program makes no difference! Any ideas?
  7. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    I made the setting change and it doesn't prompt me, it is still moving the clips when I change the fade transition time. I even uninstalled the program and reinstalled and it is still defaulting to this. Frustrating! EDIT: Actually it started working. I think the issue was related to the fact that the particular transition I was having trouble with, the end of the clip had a very tiny clip hidden at the end because it was so small (timewise). I couldn't see it until I zoomed right in and was able to delete it.
  8. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    Thanks a lot
  9. robkblue

    Clip transitioning options

    How can you change the setting on the clip transitioning dialog box that comes up when you are setting a fade. You get these 2 options: -Yes, move the clip for an overlapping transition - N. Freeze frames at start/end of transition. Once you tick 'Use this choice...' box, it won't reappear and I need to change the setting. Thanks.
  10. robkblue

    VideoPad export restrictions on Home version.

    It appears that 1080 can't export to MPG but it does work exporting to AVI. I am sure I used the 1080 export just the other day and it worked. Not sure about whether or not AVI is better for me or not so will have to research it.
  11. Hi, I am a home user and ran into export restriction issues. I initially installed the vppsetup.exe version so the tech support advised me to download the correct version for home users: http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/vpsetup.exe I have done this but I still get restriction issues outputting in any of the 1080 formats. I haven't tested others. Also, I checked the pricing models and they are not very convenient for people with low incomes. I see that the lifetime licence is $US69.95 which I just can't afford at the moment (but I would pay when I can). So I checked the monthly subscription model which I was willing to pay and found that you have to pay 12 months up front! This seems pointless considering the price is approximately the same as the lifetime licence. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. robkblue

    Drag and drop area on screen

    Hi, I am using VideoPad on a laptop at the moment so screen real estate is scarce. I have a large section above my Video Track in the timeline that is empty except for the message "drag and drop your video, text and image clips here to overlay". I don't actually use it. Is there any way to collapse it? I can't seem to find one. Thanks.
  13. robkblue

    New colouring in VideoPad v6

    Can you change the colour theme of the new VideoPad installation? I've noticed that the background for the video and audio sections are blue and purple respectively. Thanks
  14. robkblue

    New colouring in VideoPad v6

    Can you change the colour theme of the new VideoPad installation? I've noticed that the background for the video and audio sections are blue and purple respectively. Thanks