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  1. Kate Sobo

    foot controller speed

    Greetings, all! Update on my foot pedal control issue: Resolved! I needed to configure each "pedal" 1, 2, 3 in the Wizard. Apparently the default had the middle pedal (flat) set to FF...so therein lay the issue. In the Wizard, Command/Map test/Change a Command
  2. Kate Sobo

    foot controller speed

    I have Express Scribe Pro, and just installed an Infinity Series foot pedal controller ECS-148649 which was supposed to be compatible. Although "status" is good after using wizard, when trying to practice on the Express Scribe instruction voice, I can't control the speed with the slider bar at bottom right corner. Either too slow or too fast. I have not loaded in any files as of yet. Just trying to practice on the default voice instruction. Kate