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    How to add effects

    Thank you "borate." Got the video reversed and published. Capt. Brigg
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    How to add effects

    I have now watched the tutorial on "How to add effects" at least a dozen times. At 1:04 minutes she talks about adding effects to a clip and I cannot follow the sequence on how to play a clip in reverse. The narrator moves through the sequence so fast, and I cannot follow her cursor, so the information on the steps does not come through. I have a clip taken out the back of an Amtrak train and I want it to play as though taken from the cab, so in reverse. Could someone PLEASE list the steps to get to the "speed change" - "Play clip in reverse" window. Thanks for any help. Capt. Brigg Franklin, CEO www.pacificcascaderailway.com Vancouver, WA, USA