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    I registered. Please stop nagging me

    You are not alone in asking for NCH to remove this distracting behavior 😠
  2. EricH

    Hide unnecessary controls?

    Is there any way to permanently hide the File Info, Playback, and -especially - the "Masters Edition" controls. These are unnecessary and they take up valuable screen space. Ideally yiou should be able to toggle them on/off in the View or Window menus, but that is not the case. You can shove them off into the corner, but then they come back whenever you re-open Wavepad
  3. EricH

    Hide unwanted controls?

    Is there any way to hide the unnecessary control windows: "Masters Edition" menus (especially this one!) Playback Controls File Info FWIW I'm running latest WavePad Mac version.
  4. EricH

    how to change stereo balance

    It is a strange that after all the years that Wavepad has been on the market that you cannot select from one channel and not the other. I believe there is a workaround. You can split the file into it's component channels (that's an option under Edit->Split File). This will create two new files conveniently labeled left & right. Boost your left channel by 15%, then join them back together.