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  1. EricH

    FInd Peak Level?

    According to the manual, Ctrl+Shift+P should find and select the Peak Sample. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but this is not working for me. I've tried it with selecting the whole file as well as with selecting nothing. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. EricH

    I registered. Please stop nagging me

    You are not alone in asking for NCH to remove this distracting behavior ?
  3. EricH

    Hide unnecessary controls?

    Is there any way to permanently hide the File Info, Playback, and -especially - the "Masters Edition" controls. These are unnecessary and they take up valuable screen space. Ideally yiou should be able to toggle them on/off in the View or Window menus, but that is not the case. You can shove them off into the corner, but then they come back whenever you re-open Wavepad
  4. EricH

    Hide unwanted controls?

    Is there any way to hide the unnecessary control windows: "Masters Edition" menus (especially this one!) Playback Controls File Info FWIW I'm running latest WavePad Mac version.
  5. EricH

    how to change stereo balance

    It is a strange that after all the years that Wavepad has been on the market that you cannot select from one channel and not the other. I believe there is a workaround. You can split the file into it's component channels (that's an option under Edit->Split File). This will create two new files conveniently labeled left & right. Boost your left channel by 15%, then join them back together.