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  1. Haven't tried using Express Animate at all yet. :-) I just wonder what it looks like from the technical point of view. I export the ready animation created in Express Animate, let's say I do it as video (I am not sure what video formats it is possible to export animations to). Then, I understand, I open that video in VideoPad and add it as a clip, and add it to my sequence/video? Is that correct? If so, how about quality, won;t there be any quality loss during the process? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, does anyone know how to add an animation created in NCH Express Animate to my video project created in Video Pad? I want the animation to be the opening bit which will appear in the beginning of each video I intend to create. Many thanks for your assistance. Kind regards Wojtek Poland
  3. Wojtek_B

    Crossfade transition cuts off

    Many thanks. Will I be able to open my project (created with the previous version of the program) in the newer version, just released, and then save it on my computer again? Should it then get rid of the issue? Best regards Wojtek Poland
  4. Wojtek_B

    Crossfade transition cuts off

    Hi, Any news on whether and when this particular bug is going to be removed? I wnted to add that it seems to do the same (freeze or stall the video - both the end of the previous clip/frame and the beginning of th next one - irrespective of whether I use the freeze type transition or the "move clip" transition. On a different topic - albeit not entirely as this also seems to be a bug and that makes me now a bit dubious as to the worth of my investment in NCH Video Pad editor: I have recently edited a simple 8-minute documentary video showcasing my visit to a dog shelter and showing me and my friend walking various dogs. In between videos (i.e between videos showing different pairs of dogs that we walked) I created a dissolve transition of (as far as I remember) 2 seconds, and immediately after the transition ends I entered text (basically just the names of the dogs, nothing more). As long as I was watching the end result in the preview, everything was relatively fine and smooth (I say "relatively" because at certain moments the video did seem to skip a second or two, however I blamed the fact that both the input and the output video were of high-definition and thus taking up quite some memory). When I eventually had the whole video ready, I converted it to a HD (1920x1080), 25 fps video and saved it to my computer. While in terms of resolution/definition it really came out great, I noticed one very unsettling thing: EVERYWHERE where there was a dissolve transition followed immediately by the text, a huge chunk (about 5-10 seconds or so) of the video came out as a blurry mass of something barely recognisable, the text and the video pixels all blend together and create a messy pattern PLUS it all freezes, and only after approx 5-10 seconds does it go back to normal again. It looks a little bit like on a TV screen in one of those moments when one satellite begins losing the signal, and another satellite "takes over" - for a few seconds the picture is then pixelated and some parts of it freeze. It looks pretty much the same except that almost all the video is completely pixelated into one mass and almost all of it is frozen. Could you please kindly assist me there? I wanted to publish to Facebook and/or YouTube but with something like that I do not want or can do it. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Wojtek Poland
  5. Wojtek_B

    Crossfade transition cuts off

    Hi, I have noticed that this question has lready been asked but the answer provided does not match what is happening with my video. I have a Windows 10 (64 bit) computer with Intel Core i5-3330 CPU @ 3 GHz and 8GB RAM. I am using a cross-fade video transition between clips. I first edited the clips themselves, by removing audio, making them black and white and of course, prior to that, clipping them to the desired length. I then applied the cross-fade video transition in such a way that I allowed to move clips to overlap. Before applying a transition, I have also sped them up twice (the idea is that they need to be balck and white and sped up). Surprisingly, the cross-fade transition between the first clip and the second one stalls the video so that towards the end of the first clip the video freezes, then the playhead moves over the beginning of the second clip, this beginning is also frozen, and then suddenly the image in the video strarts moving again. Surprisingly enough, even though I have app;ied the identical transition between the second and the third clip, I am not encountering any such issues there and everything works perfectly fine. What could be causing such an uneven transition just between those first two clips? Many thanks for your feedback. Best regards Wojtek Poland