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  1. Ridiculous... Still no fix or acknowledgement from NCH... I won't renew/upgrade this program again... If it's gonna stop recording when there's a simple 2 second gap in the stream, it's completely useless...
  2. Almost a year later and this is still the same situation... Granted, I haven't used SoundTap for a while because WavePad was recording streaming audio up until the latest update but, now it refers you to SoundTap... Unless they've corrected the issue of the missing 'ignore breaks in recording' box since the last post on this thread...
  3. 3 weeks ago, I recorded a 2 hour streaming program. Since then, I purchased the latest upgrade and am now referred to SoundTap to record streams. Fine. I still have that. Well, that stops recording every time there's a break in audio. There's also no longer an option to ignore breaks. Apparently, this has been going on for a while now http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/25704-wont-record-continuously/ I wasn't using SoundTap because WavePad was serving the same function. So, can you use anything now to record continuous streaming audio? I have other uses for WavePad but SoundTap seems to have become useless to me now...
  4. It will record streams and other programs record via codec just fine. I have used SoundTap to record via codec before... Not sure what's going on this time...
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