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    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    Excellent.... good to know! Thanks again.
  2. bassman

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    OK, thanks again... I understood that video clip example. In my case, the boundaries of adjacent clips were being adjusted by the same degree that I was adjusting a target clip, which was unwanted. But I found, after posting the above, that I could indeed do that correctly by *not* using Shift or Alt in conjunction, as you indicate. I will have to do more experimenting with Shift and Alt just to get in practice. It's always a learning curve until familiarity takes over, right? When you right-click in the gaps, what does Close Gap do? Presumably just adjusts the boundaries of the moved clips so that they seamlessly join? Many thanks... I appreciate the community here.
  3. bassman

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    @borate and @Nationalsolo..... Thanks again. I found to my chagrin last night that I had inadvertently dragged other clips outside of my current view from their correct positions, in some cases by a lot, and had saved my updates before realizing that. Fortunately, I save incrementally with different "edition" IDs, so I have a crude fallback, but in this case, what I needed was toast. Ugh. Two steps back. So.... after the overlay track was split up into various clips, I found that if I wanted to change the boundary of one, grabbing it (while holding Shift) allows me to lengthen or shorten as needed, but then the clip(s) farther to the left or right, respectively, are affected. Their length increases or decreases in relation to what I do to the adjusted clip. When I held Alt instead, as a test, that *really* causes subsequent clips to get yanked out of position. Again, me being an audio guy, accustomed to adjusting audio clips in a multitrack DAW environment, this is counterintuitive. I don't want the video program "helping" me by adjusting other clip boundaries (or positions) when I am changing the boundary of just one. What am I missing here? Thanks again for the pointers thus far. Very helpful and much appreciated.
  4. bassman

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    OK, thanks again. I'm usually managing two video tracks (two cameras) and so I don't want the gaps to close up in the tracks when I remove clips from various points in them, since I'm essentially switching camera views, and I'm syncing to an audio track captured separately. I just mark my cut points with the scissor tool, then pull out alternating clips, then drag boundaries for enough overlap to do crossfades as desired. That may be a very clunky method, but it's how I can manage the camera feeds and stay sync'd to the audio track (after the initial lineup).
  5. bassman

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    Thanks @JimmyRustle .... I appreciate the quick reply. Yes, 'magnetic snapping'. That's a good description. I just tried Shift and that works as I need. How does this form of auto-assist (the magnetic snap) differ from ripple editing?
  6. bassman

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    Hi everyone... newbie here, still figuring this out, BUT, I have a LOT of experience in audio editing. I echo the frustration of not being able to turn off Snap To Grid and/or Snap to Clip End(s). For people who are accustomed to keyboard shortcuts and to using those shortcuts in conjunction with the mouse, that's fine, but, judging by other comments I've seen on this subject, it should be a menu item to just disable Snap completely. Problem (I'm clearly not the only one): When I am trying to move a video (and presumably audio) clip just a tiny amount to clean up sync, I don't want that clip snapping to a nearby grid increment forward or backward, or snapping to another nearby clip end. In my case, holding down the Alt key (as advised in this forum) while sliding a video clip also does NOT prevent it from snapping a nearby clip end on another video track. This is really, really frustrating. It means temporarily moving the other clip end boundary on a track that otherwise doesn't need to be changed, just in order to move the errant "snap point" I'm trying to avoid! This is completely unnecessary. It's excess work to do something simple. PLEASE, NCH, get this fixed and push out an update. I am not a programmer and don't know what is required to make this happen, but being able to move clips freely back and forth is essential to audio and video editing. If I have somehow missed that there IS a method to avoid this problem, I have so far not been successful in locating it. Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks!
  7. bassman

    Problem adjusting text fade-out speed

    Wow... I had no idea this is possible. I have worked extensively with multi-track audio, so dragging and reshaping fader/envelope lines is a familiar process. Thanks to JimmyRustle, borate, and Nationalsolo for your quick replies!
  8. Hey all.... Just trying to figure out a problem with a text transition. Once a text block is inserted it is easy enough to zoom in on it enough such that the transition icons show at each end of the clip, and can be clicked to open the transitions window. Once the text fade-in and fade-out are set, I can adjust them further by pulling the edge of the black transition bars along the top edge of each end of the text clip. However, on the text fade-out, even if I pull the bar longer (to the left, in other words) so that the fade-out starts sooner, and with the goal of making the fade-out last longer (slower), what happens is that the fade-out does in fact start at the left edge of the adjusted fade-out bar, but the text disappears just as quickly, long before the cursor has passed through the end of the fade bar. Adjusting the value manually in the transition window does not help. What's the trick on this one? Thanks in advance!
  9. bassman

    Playback setting for loop or return-to-start?

    Thanks, borate and Nat. I am familiar enough with program basics to understand what you mean. Great tips. Very much appreciated!
  10. Hey everyone, VideoPad newbie here. I have the basics figured out and like the program so far. I have been needing to learn video editing for posting performance videos. Question: Relating to playback, I am accustomed to the functionality of my audio editor workspace (not NCH software), which allows for the cursor to automatically return to the previous start position when stopping playback. This is very useful for hearing short audio sections repeatedly, without having to manually relocate the cursor each time. Is there a similar setting in VideoPad, such that when I stop playback, the cursor will return to the previous start position? In other words, so Stop doesn't function like a Pause button? Yes, I can click the timeline to pop the cursor back, but finding the *exact* start point of the previous playback start point is time consuming. This is critical to carefully examine video-audio sync. Barring that possibility, is there a way to choose a clip range to loop for playback? Thanks in advance.