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    Advanced audio question

    I'm very happy with Videopad so far. I bought it to process Goprp videos and discovering that W7 did not work with the Gopro software this was a good option. So what I started doing and partly was my plan all along is recording mountain bike video recording and archiving the entire ride(s) in 1080P. So I decided to mute the ride audio and drop in a 2nd audio track. Me being an audiophile I record records new and old in 24/96. I was able to use a 3 record box set totaling 1:45 min and it matched up nearly perfectly to my most recent ride video. I 1st thought to save space I processed the audio down to a MP3 file. I discovered that Videopad by default up-converts audio to 24/96 so I reprocessed using the original 24/96 file and it is awesome. So my 1st question is ; can I ad the 2nd audio track as a 2nd audio not mixing it with the Gopro audio. So using the player remote I could choose either the music or the original Gopro audio? 2nd question is I use BDRB to shrink the files to a BD5, BD9 or BD25 (which will not down-cvonvert the 24/96 audio). If I my goal is to process down to a BD5 or BP9 size can I change the default audio to say 16/44.1 or even MP3?
  2. I have this same issue. Lowering the preview resolution as low as it can go helped but in no way stopped it. It may not be your PC. I contacted tech support and was asked how big is the video you are trying to process?" Videopad is only a 32bit program and will only handle 3.5gb files smoothly." This totally explains my issue. The 1st 10 minutes play fine its after that about every ten seconds it buffers. So would it be possible to open each 11min gopro video edit and save. Then reassemble the edited videos to export as a Blu-ray movie?
  3. Ghost Rider

    Just Found Videopad seems nice

    Thanks borate I think my issue is working off a usb 3.0 drive so I ordered a 500g ssd drive just for this processing. My C drive is on a 111g ssd drive but there is no room to process videos from it. I have an AMD fx8150 processor (8 core) AMD HD6700 graphics and 8g of memory.
  4. Ghost Rider

    Just Found Videopad seems nice

    So I recently bought a Gopro Hero 5 mainly to record mountain bike videos and archive the bigger better rides. Only too late I discovered Gopro now only support Windows 10 with their software. At 1st I was totally unhappy with the camera seemed the playback was terrible quality. Turns out there are many variables, USB drives, memory, CPU power ect. Last night I stumbled onto this program and it looks fantastic. Will do most of what I want. Two things I hope I can improve are long processing times. For instance I recorded a 90+ min video in 2.7K at 60 fps and I carefully assembled them in the correct order as the 1st test video they assembled automatically and where wrong. So to transfer this to Blu-ray iso file will take like 7 hours. To upload a 5 min youtube video took like 2 hours. 2nd issue is playback while editing is severely buffered. Working off of and saving to to the same USB3.0 external HDD is most of that problem. I could install a new dedicated HDD or SSD how big should it be?