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    Audio/Video Sync on Timeline

    I am having trouble where VideoPad randomly looses sync between audio and video on the Sequence Timeline. This manifests itself by refusing to show the video under all circumstances; can't see it in edit, preview, play and nothing seems to bring it back. In fact, it seems VideoPad makes some kind of record that prevents reloading the video. I can't put it on another timeline, another sequence or anything else. Even if I shut the program down completely, start with a new clean project, import the MP4 video and try to view/edit it again, it remains blanked out. When I start, it's visible, in sync and everything works as planned, then all of a sudden it loses synchronization, the video goes blank with the exception of one still image and nothing I do gets it back. Is there someway to force a refresh so the system resyncs the audio-visual and puts it in a visible sequence on the timeline that I can edit? Ironically, if I choose "reverse clip" from the right-click menu, it appears again, in sync and I can even edit it, but if I reverse it back, it goes back to frozen on a still image and is uneditable. I can't find a way to attach a screenshot or I would.