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  1. I just started Express Invoice (paid license for plus). When it started it said there was an update. So I ran the update. NOW the software won't run because it was an "UPGRADE" to a new version and I have to pay to run my software. I would not have "updated" if I had been informed this was actually a you have to pay for it UPGRADE. This approach my NCH makes me question the multiple purchases I have made. Total lack of integrity. I did know there was an UPGRADE but after trying numerous times to determine what benefit was there I could never find any. So why would I give NCH $80 for tricking me into something of no value. HOW DO I GET BACK TO MY PREVIOUS VERSION SO I CAN USE THE SOFTWARE? very pissed off customer
  2. I am using 8.44. Just checked and the current release is 9.63. That sounds like a lot of updates but when I look at the long list of versions in between I don't see any enhancement or fixes to justify paying to upgrade. But I did check the upgrade price. It is the exact same price as a new license. I like the product and typically stay up-to-date on the software I sue. Can NCH provide any justification for the ridiculous version numbers and upgrade pricing? I have other NCH software and the situation seems to be the same; update version numbers, no real updates and might as well just buy a new license. eric
  3. In Options - Other - Hotkeys. There is a field to enter or set a HotKey. I can place the cursor there but I am not able to enter anything (keys) in the field. How is this suppose to work?
  4. Did an update to my 6.3 and found out there is a version 7.x. I can't find any info on what is New or Changed. Sent in a ticket and the reply was to use the suggestion contact form. Can anyone share any info on version 7 of Express Invoice? thanks,
  5. Josh, that shows; version number and release date. how about some actual info on what is in the update?
  6. I just updated from 4.x to 5.02. Is there a document anywhere that outlines changes, additions, fixes in new releases?
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