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  1. elk

    FLING acquires all RAM

    Hello, Does it happen with any files you try to transfer? What type of files are you using? Are they large files? When using Fling, do you have other programs open? Regards.
  2. elk

    Inventoria To Copper PoS

    Hello, Follow the steps below to sync Inventoria with Copper: From Inventoria: 1) Select the Options icon from the main window, 2) Select the "Other" tab 3) Select the "Advance settings" tab 4) Check mark the box that says "Allow Express Accounts...to sync with Inventoria" 5) Enter your Access Authentication code. This could be any number, please use 12345 6) Click OK, 7) Select the Web Access tab and check mark both cases "Local Network" and "Internet". Under "Current status" you will probably get a red status message, no worries, you won´t need to take any other steps. 8) Take note of the Local network IP number, for instance, on our end is and the port 1097. 9) Click OK to finish and leave Inventoria Open. From Copper: 1) Open the Options menu and select the Sync - Apps network tab. 2) Check mark both cases "Local Network" and "Internet", run the Wizard, you will probably get a red status message, no worries, you won´t need to take any other steps. 3) Click the Sync Apps tab and check mark the "Synchronize this installation of Copper as a client of Inventoria" option. 4) Enter the Access authentication code 12345 5) Enter the IP number of the server program, for example: 6) Enter the Port number of Inventoria 1097 7) Click the "Update Now" tab, and agree to Update, you should get an "Update Successful" message. 8) Select the "Retrieve locations" tab, select the location from the drop down and click OK. Regards.
  3. elk

    Setting up volta

    Hello, Please submit a ticket using this link: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html and attach to it your Crescendo project file. Also, provide a screenshot that shows the problem, so we can try to figure out what could be causing this issue. Regards.
  4. elk

    Playlist reordering itself!

    Hello, Please be informed that if you click on any column title, the list will be reordered. It may also occur if the Shuffle mode is activated. To enable/disable the Shuffle mode, you can do Ctrl+S. Regards.
  5. elk

    Playback is too fast i.e. double speed!

    Hello, Please be informed that Debut does not have any options to modify the video speed. So what I can recommend you is to record using a different video format. You can try .avi or .mov to see if you get the same problem. In case the issue persists, click on Video Options and make sure that "Enable Time-lapse" is not checked. If it is, uncheck it and try to record again. You may also want to reinstall Debut to see if it makes any difference. Regards.
  6. elk

    Foot pedal - pause/play same pedal?

    Hello, Please click on the following link to check out the list of pedals supported by Express Scribe: http://www.altoedge.com/pedals/index.html They have been tested on the program, so they should work without issues. We cannot guarantee that gaming foot pedal will properly work on Express Scribe. Please be informed that when you use a foot pedal, the Middle pedal can be used to Play/Stop the recording but when using hotkeys, it is not possible to assign a single command to perform to different functions. You will need to use one for Play and another for Pause. Regards.
  7. elk

    Ipad2 locks when I try to delete a track

    Hello, Does it happen with all the tracks you try to delete? Have you noticed if it occurs with some specific file format? You may need to uninstall the app, restart your device and reinstall it to confirm if the issue persists. Regards.
  8. Hello, You should be able to arrange the files in the desired order from the list. Since you are using Windows 8, I can recommend you to install this other version of Express Burn. It should be more suitable for your current OS. It can be downloaded from http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/expressburn-4-68-2013-10-23.exe Regards.
  9. elk

    1000's Separator ? [blank space]

    Hello, Please be informed that Express Invoice does not allow to use a space to group 1000's. You would need to use commas as separator. Regards.
  10. elk

    blurry recording

    Hello, Based on the settings you are using, your recording should have a good quality. If you are clicking on the Recordings option in Debut to view your recordings, you may try to view it using a different media player (Windows Media Player, VLC, etc) to see if the issue is related to the recorded video or to the preview window in Debut. You can also try to record using a different format .wmv, .mov, etc to confirm is the issue persists. In case you are still getting the same issue, I can recommend you to reinstall Debut. Regards.
  11. elk

    Converted files are incomplete

    Hello, I have tested it with the formats provided above but I was unable to replicate the problem. The files were converted without issues and I was able to play the converted file in Windows Media Player. If you are converting to .mp3 I can recommend you to go to the encoder settings and use a higher bitrate. You can use 320 to see if it makes any difference. If the issue persists, you can try to reinstall the program. Regards.
  12. Hello, 1-In that case, you will need to create 2 different items to be able to handle two different prices. So, you will have item 0001a and 0001b, so that "a" has a price of 10€ and "b" a price of 15€. 2-You need to be aware that a barcode scanner can be used to enter a new item code, but it cannot be used to search items. Regards.
  13. elk

    problem in web access

    Hello, This happened because you enable indirect access, do not enable indirect access when configuring the web access. If you need to connect from other network the port must be open to allow TCP over your IP. Regards.
  14. elk

    Return memo

    Hello, When you apply a refund in Express Invoice, it does not affect the inventory. As a workaround, what you need to do is to modify/delete the items in the invoice, so it would be reflected in Inventoria. Regards.
  15. elk

    Amount in words

    Hello, If you are referring to changing text in the printed invoice, you can click on Options menu > select Invoice from the left menu > Text > Text tab > from the Heading column, you can find the text that needs to be modified and from the Text column, you can enter the new text. If you are referring to something else, please be more specific and explain in detail what you are trying to do. Regards.