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    Cache file overload...?

    I would love to start up a new project to delete the cache files but VideoPad won't let me save the one I'm currently working on, and I'm not going to delete it. While I'm working, I will try and delete them, but it always says "No cache files deleted." or "Successfully deleted 0.00 MB of cache." How can I fix the "unable to save to project file ____"? If I could do that first, then I can get the rest of the steps done.
  2. CT58

    Cache file overload...?

    Thank you Nat for your response, I will try re-installing the program.
  3. CT58

    Cache file overload...?

    So... I'm an active killer whale editor on YouTube (yeah i have problems) and I've been using VideoPad for 3 years. I use the little effects I have with this software and make my edits glorious; I get many people who ask me if I use Sony Vegas or any high-end product, and they're always shocked to find out I use a lower-quality software like VideoPad; I guess I make VP look good? ---- Anyways, the first year of editing was a great one; no problems, just nice smooth editing. But now, VideoPad seems to be trying to kill itself or try and kill me by frustrating the HELL out of me. I'm not sure if this is a problem, but VideoPad Cache files build up like nobody's business, which I believe is normal, BUT... they are causing so many problems. I cannot export properly; I get the message "VideoPad's Cache folder is almost full" and the option to Export, Clear Cache Files, or Cancel. And when I clear those files, the export fails, or tells me that the x27c or whatever thing it is "is corrupted and/or inaccessible" and makes me download a new one, which the new one doesn't work in itself. I cannot add videos into the edit box; VideoPad will actually corrupt my MP4 files and not let them load properly. It gives me a black 4:3 ratio screen in the clip preview box, and when I unlink the audio, there is only either a thick line where the audio should be, or just a thin line, signalling no audio, even though there CLEARLY is audio in the file, and the MP4 file becomes unusable. I cannot save my .vpj files; If the cache builds up, VideoPad won't allow me to save my projects. It will say "Cannot save "_____.vpj" to "_______" (where ever i have it set to save, which is my Desktop.) And sometimes VideoPad will totally lose the project file, and when on start up, if I try to reload the project it will say "The file provided is not a valid VideoPad project file." All of this has been going on for a year now, and only now has it gotten to its worst point. I can no longer do anything that I'd like to do with this editor, and that is very annoying. After all, what is a video editor that refuses to edit? I've lost too many valuable projects to this software, and while I used to be able to fix it by going in manually and deleting the cache files myself, it doesn't seem to be working this time. I am using VideoPad Version 5.03 currently; answers to one or all of these problems is GREATLY appreciated. I have also noticed many other complaints similar to mine from MANY years ago, my question is why haven't these been fixed? Seeing how other editing softwares once had these issues, and how they were fixed within the next few updates just shows me that there might be a lack of urgency within this NCH company. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it's the truth... these issues need to be fixed if NCH is willing to hold onto customers. And if there's a real reason why these issues haven't been fixed, please correct me. (seeing how you all were able to add a 360 pan and panorama really makes me question your priorities here...) Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions.