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  1. For all I know this feature could already exist and I'm unaware. It seems like a no brainer to have a button that can take a chopped up edited clip in the timeline and quickly turn it back into a full unchopped timeline without having to export and re-add. 7.05 is A1 to me. I just find myself re-adding clips a lot and just have OCD over the slight degrade in quality by recycling it from an export back in.
  2. Appreciate the knowledge. The crop clip feature by right clicking the video in menu and changing it to 1:1 or 4:3 is working great for me. I'm making gfycats so it's more about cropping width to maintain height versus zooming both.
  3. Great things. Hopefully somebody can bump this thread if an update is made on these particulars. Everything else about VP runs pristine.
  4. Yeah I mean ultimately the preview arrangements should mirror exports I think. For example I put a watermark on a video but the mix of dimensions puts it in a different place so I've had to pre-edit a transparent pic of the watermark in video dimensions to get it right. And as of right now with custom resolutions I'm screen recording already exported clips to get the right dimensions. It's great how responsive you guys are to things, is there any schedule on updates?
  5. Wow thanks that actually does work on export. Good things to know. I've clicked enter on Aspect Ratio Conflict so many times I forgot how related it is to this.
  6. Followed these steps and its similar to what I was doing with cropping for raw transparency but the source of the problem is the auto match resolution keeps the import dimensions as the match https://i.imgur.com/juJ3gGq.png and the so black bars are staying on the export. I would happily go back to a previous patch where this isn't an issue (I've concluded that this export issue came into being around 5.11 with 5.03 patch being the last one that works right) but all previous patches distort video color with a green tinge that you can see just by putting the raw video alongside the preview window. I'm left so pulled apart over investing time into green-tinged exports versus newer patches with better color and inaccurate dimensions. Thanks for taking a moment honestly
  7. I tried this just now but ultimately it shows the problem in preview and exports the same. Appreciate the attempt though I'm willing to try anything.
  8. PICTURE - https://i.imgur.com/aSl8yjj.png What is the point of having custom resolutions when the export only puts a black framework around the smaller resolution? Pre 6.00 versions (white template) of videopad seem to all be fine but they added a green tinge to video uploads and is why I updated to a newer version and while that's fixed now there's this and I can't help but think the two things correlate. Thanks for taking a moment
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