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  1. marawuti

    Debut 4.08 fails to use SMI USB grabber but finds it

    Gekker, Thx. No joy, and I believe I can't submit a ticket 'cause it's a pre-purchase download. I posted hoping I might catch the attention of staff.
  2. Running Debut 4.08 (pre-purchase download) on Windows 10 laptop. I have a SIIG USB video capture device which is seen by the product software, VLC, and NCH Debut as SMI grabber. When I select SMI grabber from Debut's device list (under Options) I get a dialog box with "No Valid Capture device could be located" VLC handles the SMI Grabber driver just fine. I'd like to be able to use Debut's scheduling capability with this device, but obviously won't purchase until this is working.