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    Fade In/Fade Out using Envelope?

    After some more experimenting, the envelope function works quite well for designing fade outs. I was concerned that the curve wouldn't be smooth enough, or need to be redesigned for different durations, but the windowing is fine.
  2. huckfinn

    Fade In/Fade Out using Envelope?

    I used Wavepad regularly in distant past, switched to AVS4You's audio editor about 5 years ago. I just gave the newest wavepad a spin, and am quite impressed with layout, waveform display, many other things. I'm used to dBs, not percents, so added presets to the amplification. Fine, although wish I could reorder them. My one concern is lack of flexibility with fade/in - fade out. Wavepad only has what seems to be a linear fade; I want the sound to decrease quickly at first then fade slowly (this is called "fade slowly" in avs4you.) I suppose something like this could be done by defining an envelope and applying, but that would be tedious, and I imagine different envelopes might be needed for different fade durations. I'm very surprised that wavepad doesn't offer different types of fade in/out, it's such an essential feature of music editing. The fade they offer is quite poor in my opinion. Are there work arounds? Thanks.