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  1. Quotes from suppliers

    I also receive QUOTES from different suppliers as well. It would be very useful if we can make QUOTES for customers and also have supplier QUOTES in the system, even if we have to enter the data manually.
  2. Oops Telephony, you are right, cleared some browser cache and worked, the Record button is ok now. Ill need to pass this info to the remote users Thank you again
  3. Yes ok, are saying that web based can not do same as in the application? I mean, in the application on a quote, if I choose create +invoice, all I have to do is click on the Record Only and thats it, no need to choose items etc because it takes the data from the quote which make sense. If we want to convert a Quote to Order or invoice, whats the use of selecting again the data already on that quote? Im just concerned because other stuff would manage from another country and the web application is important for this matter. Thank any ways
  4. Hi, Why is it in the WEB interface, having admin rights, in the QUOTES menu, when I choose create invoice from a specific quote, the RECORD button in unavailable? While in the normal program is available? Please comment
  5. I am having number/result issues on the web under VIEW THE JOURNAL interface of Express accounts, some figures are showing x 1,000 as result:
  6. How to see net sales product?

    Agree, would be very interesting to see profit per sales. I think Express Accounts needs an UPDATE, seeing comments and problems from users, its asking for an update. It will also be good for the program itself, people will find it more useful every time it is being tuned and at the end will be better for all. We should all keep asking for this update. I also have an issue but no response. On the sales menu we see Amount, Due and status. On the Amount we see invoice total, on the Due, we see the remaining balance and status, is there are partial payments this is fantastic. But in purchases we only see the invoice total amount and not reflecting partial payments like in sales menu. So if we have partial payments to suppliers, we must be careful not to forget what we paid already, because it keeps on showing the total invoice amount, it should be (invoice - partial_payments) = true balance due
  7. Dear Chris, I did see more than one with same issue, so I guess is the programming Pit
  8. Express accounts Partial payments?

    Thanx for the info, but I can't seem to understand clearly. The partial payments on customers work perfect, just as I wanted. In fact on the SALES when we open the INVOICE option, we can see the info as: Customer, Salesperson, Amount and Due. On the due we can see right away the pending balance and the status beside it showing partially Paid etc.. Now, when I buy/purchase order, I many times advance 10% of the total cost and sometimes more, later on when I sell, I pay the remaining 90% or the balance I owe. If in the purchase order it does not reflect the balance due like in SALES, is extra work to take note of the advances I gave and try not to forget, with invoice sales, the info is handy, clear and simple. If I open Purchase orders we see the same amount, but some are wrong because I advanced 10% of that purchase order already. I am not trying to distribute payments to different invoice, each invoice has more than one payment, some invoices are 100% so is ok. Same thing I would like in the purchase orders. How would you do if a some suppliers asks for a 10 or 15% down payment before shipment on a purchase orders? Thats the thinggi.. Thanx a lot Pedro
  9. Hi, In purchases i do partial payments, I tried to add a payment but keeps telling me allocated is more so is off balance. In the customer invoice it lets me do it Appreciate comments Thank you Pedro
  10. Paid more money what for? You did purchase the program right?
  11. Hmmm, that's not good, even worst for the software marketing, have you ever got a feedback from the support?
  12. Hello, I was about to register the software but I run into this issue, I was wondering if the above problem has been solved? Appreciate comments Thank you Pedro