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    restoring from previous hard drive?

    Got it! It didn't want to copy and paste, but from within the new EI installation on the new laptop, I manually pointed the 'restore from backup' function to the (previously hidden) data file, and it restored. Adding this last report for a future user with a similar problem.
  2. coffeeroaster

    restoring from previous hard drive?

    Well, I found the hidden folder, ProgramData. In Windows 10, available in the same field as Program Files. Programdata >(username)>app data>roaming>nch. But pasting it in, as described, to the same folder in the new laptop doesn't make it visible. Does anyone have a thought about this?
  3. coffeeroaster

    restoring from previous hard drive?

    Thank you. That is what I did first, but I just now tried again in case of a mistake. The same thing happened: the program opens, but there are no items, customers, or past invoices. Then I went back into the original hard drive (via File Explorer and the hard drive adapter) and launched it from there, with the same result. Program opens, no data. Searching the problem before I asked, I'd seen an answer indicating a hidden user file where the data would be, but the answer and path were for XP or thereabouts. My only thought is that in the original hard drive the program can't see the data either, indicating the data is lost or the program doesn't know where to look, because the drive, as a external hook up, is F/ instead of C/ or some similar confusion. That is a wild guess, unsupported by any real knowledge or understanding.
  4. coffeeroaster

    restoring from previous hard drive?

    I was running Express invoice on a laptop that took a hard fall, and shut down permanently. I had not backed up the data but have just removed that hard drive and cabled it to my new laptop, and successfully transferred my documents. I found the NCH folder on the old hard drive in program files x86, and tried to copy the contents into the fresh installation on the new computer. However, that didn't recover any data. Is there another location for a user file that would have all the specifics, like item list, invoice history?