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  1. @sandman88: I'm using videopad for more than 7 years and from time to time (rare!) I also have this problem. Usually the reason is some fx I added to the clips (or speed change). To find out what it is, I recommend you to split your video into several small sequences (just copy & paste the clips to new sequences). After that, export one sequence after another (menu -> file -> export all sequences) to see, what causes the crash - in your case you already know, the problem must be at the beginning (~2,5%) of your video. When you have pinpointed the root, try to change the clip or the fx, maybe you can get it to work, and please report it here, maybe it's a bug in videopad.
  2. I recently noticed, that one of my computers had big white resize handles at the start and the end of each clip in the timeline. It seems it's a rather new feature, because I had never seen it before - and I didn't really like them. So I searched and finally found a way to turn them off and thought it's a good idea to share that with all of you. If you want to turn these big resize handles on/off, just edit this registry key: Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\VideoPad\Software Value: SVar Data: Change or add this: "VIDEOPADResizeHandlesoff" (turn off) or "VIDEOPADResizeHandleson" (turn on).
  3. You can also use video transitions, just click on the "x" between two images (on the timeline) and select the effect "cube spin" oder "slide". There you can select the direction (from left to right, top to bottom, etc.).
  4. I already had similar problems, even worse, sometimes I edited and saved my video project and when I tried to open it later, videopad always crashed. I don't know the reason for it, but it helped to use another version (an older version!) of videopad to be able to load the project file. Here you can find all old versions: http://oldversiondownload.com
  5. Today I discovered a really weird audio bug. It happened to me before (very rare, because it depends on certain audio tracks, but it happend), so I thought it's time to report it. It's easy to reproduce it: 1. Download the audio track Amazer Lazer from YouTube audio library ( https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary_download?vid=837b7856a4dc14e9 ) and put it into the timeline. It's important to use this audio track, because the bug is very rare and only happens for certain audio tracks. 2. Use a blank clip for the video track 3. Now change the volume of the audio track by clicking on the speaker icon of the audio track in the timeline. Set it to values below 40 (that's important, because higher values seem to work). I used the value 20. 4. Export it as MP4 (that's important, because AVI or other formats seem to work!), video resolution doesn't matter (just use low resolution). It set the video and audio quality to "default quality", but I think it also happens with any other settings (video: auto detect / audio: same as input). 5. Listen to the MP4. The audio has some really weird noises (they sound like compression artifacts). They are quite short and not always at the same position, so you have to listen to the whole audio track carefully. As already mentioned, it doesn't happen for AVI export files (using MP3 for audio) or for audio volumes higher than 40. I tried to recompress the audio track with audacity, I saved it as .WAV and .OGG, but working with these recompressed audio files in Videopad had the same result. Maybe the AAC codec compression has something to do with it?
  6. I can confirm a similar problem, it's easy to reproduce: 1. Put any video clip into the timeline 2. Add an image (portrait format, e.g. 1080x1920) after that 3. Add another image (landscape format, e.g. 1920x1080) after that 4. Add the following effects to the portrait image: a) Letterbox to Aspect Ratio (Auto Aspect Ratio) b) Zoom (select any area) (Letterbox is at the bottom of the effects window, Zoom on top) 5. Export the video - the portrait image will not be shown, it's just black This happens in versions 7.24 and 7.25 beta.
  7. The .vpj file contains the complete paths of all media files. If you just copy them to another computer, the file paths must be exactly the same, otherwise loading the .vpj file takes very long. So my guess is, that you saved the files to different paths. To avoid this problem, follow borate's instructions (file -> save as portable project).
  8. Sometimes I have a similar problem and maybe the reason is the same for you. After cutting a lot of scenes it sometimes happens to me, that there is a little rest of a clip (a few milliseconds) I have missed. Because I usually work with the timeline, this little clip is hard to see, I have to zoom in very close to the transition to see it or to switch to the storyboard. Maybe this also happened to you?
  9. @CrystalBull: For me, version 7.10 (link from borate) also had the transition issue. So if it doesn't work, try using version 7.01 (download: http://oldversiondownload.com ). That's the version I'm currently working with.
  10. @Nat: That describes it perfectly - and audio gets out of sync for that clip (only).
  11. I have the same problem, the options don't matter. It happens loading a .vpj file from version 7.00 (two clips and a transition between them). It seems, the second clip gets stuck for a.moment and that's why the audio gets out of sync. As soon as the next clip starts (clip three, if you add another one), the audio sync is correct again.
  12. I'm not quite sure, when the export video encoding settings of Videopad were changed, it's already some time ago. At the moment, you only can change the bitrate for MP4 videos (H264 codec). In my opinion this does not work very well, even at high bitrate settings I often have (short) sequences with visible artefacts, and sometimes it's even a bit blurry. This didn't happen with the previous quantizer function (in Videopad version 5 as far as I know). You could enter a certain quality value and even though the average bitrate of the whole video was lower than it is now, there were no quality problems. The video file size also was much smaller. At the moment, I always export my videos with "default quality" to have the least loss of quality - after that, I reencode the video using Avidemux (to get a much smaller export file), because this nice freeware still has a quantizer, that works very well. I really wish, the developers of Videopad will add this quality quantizer again...
  13. Hi @plevintampabay , I probably found a solution, at least it worked for me: 1. Go to Options, and set the width and the height of the preview format to a 9:16 aspect ratio, e.g. 180 x 320, 360 x 640, 720 x 1280, etc. Then click OK to save these options. 2. Edit your video 3. Export your video as a vertical video (9:16), just use any of the matching presets. Hope it works for you, too!
  14. Another way to highlight several consecutive clips is to left-click the first clip on the timeline, then press and hold the shift key and left-click on the last clip. After that, release the shift key, press CTRL C to copy and CTRL V to paste it (e.g. into another sequence).
  15. I don't know what the point is - but I know a workaround for it. Go to the menu "Tools -> Options" and change the preview format to the same aspect ratio as the desired export format (example: Export format = 600 x 1200, preview = 200 x 400 etc. ). After that, export the video.
  16. Confirmed... same problem with version 7.02.
  17. Yes, put a clip into the timeline/storyboard, then right-click on it and select "change clip speed...". Set the speed value below 100% to slow the video down.
  18. Hi Gabriel, I can understand your feelings and to be honest, when I started using VideoPad, I had similar problems (and feelings πŸ˜‰ ). Because I was not happy with VideoPad, I spent months searching for another and better video editing software. I really tested a lot of other editors again and again, but in the end I continued using VideoPad. Meanwhile I can't imagine using another software. You now may ask "why?" 1. Since I'm using proxy editing ( http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/26563-proxy-editing ), I don't have performance problems anymore while editing. I know, many other editors don't need that, but it really is worth the little effort. In practice, I recompress my original video clips anyway (using a little and free tool called "Handbrake") to save disk space. The only thing I had to do was adding a second task to Handbrake, which scales down my original video clips. No big deal. 2. I also experienced that exporting a video can take very long. This depends much on the video format (e.g. x265 is somewhat slow) or the number and kind of effects you add to your clips. For large projects, I allocate my video clips into several sequences and export all sequences (not the whole project) when I have finished editing. So if I detect a mistake in one if the sequences later, I only have to correct and export this sequence and not the whole project. If I'm satisfied with the result, I merge all sequences with Avidemux (free tool / could also be done with VideoPad). 3. VideoPad is extremely small (only ~2.5MB). It does not have tons of unnecessary stuff, that only consumes your disk space and installing only needs a few seconds. I really love that πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 4. Most important fact: VideoPad is so easy to use, that you don't really need a manual. In my opinion the user interface is the best you can find in the universe πŸ˜‰ . And if you still have questions, you will get help here in this forum. Give it a try! πŸ™‚
  19. Confirmed, something seems to be wrong with the preview. I tried version 6.30, 7.01 an 7.02, version 6.30 worked perfectly and with versions 7.01 and 7.02 the preview was just black. However, the clip was speed up (audio played very fast). Then I tried to save the little project, closed and reopened VideoPad and loaded the project. Now the preview was black and the audio was like muted, I couldnd't hear anything. My test conditions: I took a random .mp4 clip that was 3:15.820 long and dropped it into the timeline four times in sequence 1. Then I created a new sequence 2, dropped in sequence 1, set the in/out point to 11:00/12:00 and the clip speed to 500%.
  20. Per favore descrivi esattamente cosa hai fatto prima che VideoPad si arresti. Se possibile, prova ad usare il forum inglese (in inglese): http://nch.invisionzone.com/forum/85-videopad Ci sono molti piΓΉ utenti che ti possono aiutare.
  21. Hi Nat, I think I know why. Let's have a look at the registry here: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\VideoPad\Software", key "SVar". There are two parameters, that can control the menu button design: "VIDEOPADTtbham" and "LLIBTtbhamtxt" If both parameters are missing, the menu just shows "File". If you set "VIDEOPADTtbhamon", only the hamburger menu is visible. If you also add "LLIBTtbhamtxton", the hamburger menu will be extended by the label "Menu" πŸ™‚
  22. La tua cartella di salvataggio dell'esportazione video probabilmente non Γ¨ valida. Si prega di cambiarlo in una cartella esistente dopo aver fatto clic su "Esporta". Your video export save folder is probably not valid. Please change it to an existing folder after you click "export".
  23. @ David: Try to change the video compression settings when exporting, e.g. use 10000kbps instead of "default quality". By doing so, "lossless export" will be turned off - and I guess there might be a problem with the lossless export (if exporting is quite fast, chances are, that VideoPad is using "lossless export").
  24. I'm sorry, this is not the portable project.
  25. Please upload the portable project ("save portable project"): http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum
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