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  1. Effects not active on exported file

    Many thanks :-)
  2. Effects not active on exported file

    Further update. In WavePad there is an option to 'apply' effects which then changes the file accordingly. This doesn't appear to be the case in MixPad so that effects used in mixing are 'applied' live but are not exported.
  3. Effects not active on exported file

    Many thanks. I've done the same test exporting as aac and wav files ..... with same result; no effects applied in mixpad are active on exported files.
  4. Greetings! I'm a new used to Mixpad. When I export an audio file (as an mp3) the effects that I've applied in Mixpad (EQ etc) are not effected on the mp3 file. As a test, I applied vastly different effects to the same song on different tracks and exported the tracks separately - but both mp3 files sound exactly the same.........?