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  1. Blu-ray burning basics

    Hi, I haven't heard anything new lately, but just to give you an update... I tried playing my DVDs on 3 different players...with 3 different results? On an older Phillips player, the video plays fine until the last 5 seconds when it freezes. On an older Samsung player of one of my kids, the video plays through to completion, but has not sound??? On our newest Vizio player, the videos all play through to completion perfectly. I would be tempted to say that it is solely a difference in players, but I am STILL getting that error dialog (with no accompanying information) when burning either of two ways: 1). right clicking on the .iso file and selecting 'Burn with Express Burn' or 2). selecting the 'Export to blu-ray disc' option directly from VideoPad. So, both VideoPad and ExpressBurn seem to be generating the same error message. Thanks, Rick
  2. Blu-ray burning basics

    Certainly! Anything I can do to help and get this resolved would be greatly appreciated. I'm on the west coast in the US (California). I'm not sure if you are in Australia or Colorado, but any information I can supply in a timely manner will be done. BTW...in the burned disc (one of many) that I made, if I, on my laptop, go to my blu-ray drive: BDMV/PLAYLIST/01000.mpls and play this file with MPC-HC, it WILL play through to completion. (The missing 5 seconds IS THERE, so it WAS burned.) But playing it this way doesn't allow usage of the menu I created, but at least it does mean that burning was completed, it just means that the finalization of tying the video to the menu and playing it on a blu-ray player (and not just on my laptop), seems to be failing. I have three burned discs that ALL stop/freeze at exactly the same frame (about 5 seconds short of the finish line) when playing it on a blu-ray player. Hope this helps somewhat... Thanks, Rick
  3. Blu-ray burning basics

    Well, good news and bad news... I uninstalled and reinstalled VideoPad v5.11. When I tried to regenerate my .iso file the size DID drop from 28 GB to 20 GB. (still much higher than the 4.7 GB originally.) (I suppose this is the good news???) I tried burning to disc (twice - using Express Burn), and both times I got an error AGAIN during the validation phase. The wierd thing is that an error dialogue pops up, but doesn't give ANY kind of diagnostic message. (This is the bad news). The dialog just says: "There were errors burning your video blu-ray disc. Error message: " and nothing further. I tried playing both attempts in my blu-ray player and 1:47:40 played (of 1:47:45 total). So in both cases, the video just 'stopped' playing (actually just froze at that frame) about 5 seconds from the end??? And as before, the full movie plays to the end if I 'play' it in VideoPad. I suppose I can live with this, but I certainly would like to figure out why I can't get a CLEAN burn. All the settings are the defaults...write speed: MAX, copies to burn: 1, use overburning is NOT checked, and verify burned content is correct after burning IS checked. We're closer but still not home yet... Thanks, Rick
  4. Blu-ray burning basics

    BTW...one other thing I forgot to mention earlier... I have NOT changed my project file at all, but the original .iso (generated from v5.03) was 4.7 GB. The 'new' .iso file generated with v5.11 is 28.2 GB.???? If there was no change to my project file, why the EXTREME difference? This 'may' account for the error in validation message if the disc (listed at 25 GB) ran out of space, but just looking at the 'burn pattern' on the disc, it appears that there was still room. Rick
  5. Blu-ray burning basics

    Hello again! Well...I received the notice regarding the new license codes and did download a new version of VideoPad (v5.11). I applied the registration code and verified in Help > About VideoPad that I was actually up to v5.11. I got really excited that I was FINALLY going to be able to burn my movie...but... ALAS...several things happened: 1. With release 5.03, it took about 2-3 hours to encode my 1 hr 48 min. movie. With this new release it took almost 9 hours. I could perhaps live with this, but... 2. When trying to burn the movie, I AGAIN got the 'failure to verify' message!!! And when trying to 'play' the disc, I got to about 1:10 (or so) and the movie started to skip and eventually stopped playing??? I checked, and as before, the movie project plays PERFECTLY in VideoPad including all my enhancements. I just cannot get the movie to burn to disc without getting those 'failure to verify' messages. In the Export process, I have tried BOTH setting an image file and pointing directly to my blu-ray disc writer. Directly writing to disc generates the error messages. If I generate the .iso file first then try to 'burn' it, again, the verify messages come up. The VideoPad editing process seems to work fine...generating my project, but the Export process still seems to have 'issues'. Any suggestions??? Thanks, Rick
  6. Blu-ray burning basics

    Thank you! With the new release, will I have to alter my project at all, or will the Hot Fix take care of the date issue on my existing project?
  7. Blu-ray burning basics

    Ummm...just out of curiosity, what was the problem? And... am I just SOL for my current movie? Is there anything I can do or be aware of so this doesn't happen again, seeing as how this also happened for my 8 min. movie. Am I not going to be able to create movies, of any length, with your software? Also, how do you handle releases? Since I JUST purchased VP 5.03 am I going to have to buy a future release also? And any ideas when that might be? I'm a little frustrated... Rick
  8. Blu-ray burning basics

    BTW...just in case it wasn't clear, the .iso file I uploaded was the 'original' one that had 00218.mts included in it. I didn't see any need to upload the 'new' image file without that clip since the results were the same... Rick
  9. Blu-ray burning basics

    c_major/borate, I have uploaded both the project and the .iso file and shared to the following location: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B2nI9FZ_K4CdTThrVHdTMk8zQU0 All the contributing files .mts, .jpg, etc are also on the cloud, if you need them at: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B2nI9FZ_K4CdLUlOenN0SHd5QVE I also removed what I 'thought' might be the offending clip, recreated a new .iso file and burned it to disc. (I removed clip 00218.mts and went directly from 00217.mts to 00219.mts.) I got the same error message about 95% through the verify. When playing the burned disc using MPC-HC movie again froze at exactly the same spot. There is a clip that ends at about 1:29:20 (00217.mts), the next clip (00219.mts) starts and freezes about 6 or 7 seconds into it. This is NOT the same clip as before, so the problem cannot be with either of the .mts clips, but the result is the same. Again, there are no effects, transitions, boundaries, or anything at the point of the 'FREEZE'. This is so frustrating because it happens within about 17 or 18 minutes of the end of the movie. I'm so close... If I can add anything additionally, please let me know. Thanks, Rick
  10. Blu-ray burning basics

    The mini-movie I uploaded was at the request of c_major, just for testing... Technically, even that clip ends prematurely as it is supposed to continue on to the dock. I'm guessing this missing few seconds is why I got an error when creating this image also. (BTW...those two files/clips you mentioned were originally in the mini-movie, but have been removed.) I'm running Windows 10. My biggest concern is why the 'full' movie (108 min.), after 7 separate attempts, cannot get past that mysterious 89 min. mark? (Again, this is in the middle of a clip when the movie just freezes and goes no further.) If this clip AND the rest of the movie runs to completion when just running the project in Video Pad, could I be missing a setting or something when burning the image??? Express Burn certainly can't have some kind of 'time limit' for movie creation can it? I grasping at straws, but I am dumbfounded as to why the movie ends at exactly the same spot after 7 separate attempts AND recreating the .iso file. I'm at an impasse... Rick
  11. Blu-ray burning basics

    Hi borate, I installed MPC-HC. Thanks! The videos (long and short) play...up to a point. In my efforts, I have burned 6 blu-rays and now that I can actually play part of them, I see a recurring theme. At min 89 (of 108) in ALL 6 discs, the video just STOPS. I doesn't end, it just displays the last frame and stalls there. I thought this might be a 'glich' in the .iso file, so I deleted and recreated it. (Another 3 hours.) SAME RESULT! it just stops at exactly the same point. I get an error dialogue about 95% of the way through the verify, but it doesn't give any information. It just says 'There were errors burning your blu-ray disc. Error message: '. The error message is blank and the Additional Error Information box is also blank??? BTW...not sure if this is important, but I have installed a non-licensed version of Express Burn. When I right click on my .iso file, there is NO MOUNT option! The top three options are OPEN, BURN WITH EXPRESS BURN, and DISK IMAGE FILE, and other not important options. Could my problem have anything to do with Express Burn? Would it be advisable to uninstall it? It just seems strange that ALL 7 discs stop in EXACTLY the same spot. And it's in the middle of a clip, so it's not like there is a problem with a transition or some other 'border event'. Also, FYI... the errant section as well as the entire rest of the video play FINE in Video Pad, so the problem doesn't appear to be my project. Any ideas? Rick
  12. Blu-ray burning basics

    Hi C_MAJOR: Well, I tried creating a small (8 min.) movie. The project created successfully (I also tried adding a few 'features', text objects, transition effects, bookmarks, etc.). Export Bluray movie > Bluray movie disc > On disc settings, I left Burner: as Image file rather than changing to my D: (burner) drive > Create > I selected the path for the .iso file > Save > In the Burn blu-ray window I DID change the burner drive from image file to my D: drive (hopefully that wasn't a mistake?) > Burn ... the encoding appeared fine, but during the verification I got an error saying 'failed to create your movie...Verification of the burn failed. BUT...The BDMV and CERTIFICATE files again, were created, but again wouldn't play. I noticed the .iso file DID NOT get created in the path I had specified, so I redid the steps above, but when I got to the Burn blu-ray window, I left the burner drive as image file. This time the .iso file got created where I specified. I've uploaded, to Google Drive, the .iso file, my project .vpj, and the clips used to create the project (don't know if you need all that or just the .iso file???). I've shared the directory I put them in and the URL is: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B2nI9FZ_K4CdTThrVHdTMk8zQU0 I'm hoping I'm just missing a step and you can figure this one out!!! Please let me know if I've set up Google Drive correctly... BTW...I tried something else last night. I tried exporting a video file (instead of blu-ray) and successfully created an .mp4 file that seems to play perfectly with Media Player...but the file is a little over 60 GB. and took 12 hours to generate (good thing I have a lot of disc space on my laptop). I DID turn the quality (rate factor) down to the lowest setting (10.0) which was probably a mistake, but it DOES play. It just doesn't have a menu or any of the 'nice stuff' I was hoping for. Also, I don't have any 60 GB. discs, so I can't burn it. Thanks, Rick
  13. Blu-ray burning basics

    Hi. I'm brand new to burning blu-ray discs, so please bear with me if I ask basic questions. I purchased VideoPad v5.03 and found it quite easy to create/edit my first movie. My problems were when I tried burning the movie. I exported the movie using the wizard, I followed all the prompts (naming the disc, creating a menu, etc.). Q1: Should the path for the resulting .iso file be anywhere on my laptop, or should it be set to the disc path? (the default is a temporary burn file under my C:\Users\... directory.) In the burn blu-ray window I did set the burner drive from image to my blu-ray disc drive. I've already made labels, so I clicked on 'just burn it'. Q2: For my 108 min. movie, it takes anywhere from 120-160 min. to encode the .iso file. Is this normal, for the encoding to take longer than the movie itself? I've done this several times and sometimes I'll get a 'failure to burn' during verification, but most times I get 'successful creation of the movie'. My problems are that the disc WILL NOT play in an external blu-ray player. I get '...failure to read...' messages. In my blu-ray drive on my laptop, I've looked in the D: drive and found two directories created: BDMV and CERTIFICATE. Under BDMV/STREAM I found a 0001.m2ts file of type AVCHD that is about the expected size of my movie (about 5 GB.). when I try and play this file on my laptop with Windows media player, the movie DOES play, but with NO sound. My created menu under BDMV/AUXDATA, is there but... Q3: Shouldn't it come up automatically, when the disc is inserted and I click on my D: drive? So, the movie won't play on my laptop blu-ray drive and also will not play on an external blu-ray player. I'm sure this may be something simple, but so far I can't get anything to work. Can any of you please give me some direction? Thanks, Rick