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    Hi Nat . Many thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I always save each time I do alterations, so I deleted this version and went back to the last one saved. That one works fine so I just carried on from there. Anyway, I have learned another facet of the software which is always a help. I tried going back (undo) but I was going too far back for it to be useful. Best to you and yours EG.

    HI all Once again my memopry has let me down. This event happened once before and I was told the solution, but it has jhappened again and I am stuck/ Somehow I inadvertantly hit something that made ALL the tracks mute. OK I know you can mute an individual track using the button on that thrack or over at the far left side. but now ALL the tracks have greyish tint. The video plays just great. but NO SOUNDS. I remember that there is a box somewhere to untick that removes all the muting, but where is it ??? I have been through every little icon in every part of the site, but it is hiding somewhere and I just can't find it. So PLEASE will some kind person put my heated brain to rest. Thanks in advance Elderly Hent,
  3. Being new to this software (I have been using Sony Vegas) I would really appreciate some kind person telling me HOW TO REDUCE THE SOUND VOLUME IN JUST A PART OF A VIDEO CLIP so that a voice over can be inserted. This means that the whole clip would start at the normal volume, but when the cursor reaches the part needed to be quitened that would happen to a lower volume set to allow a voive over and then return to the original volume at the end of the selected part. The volumee slider at the far left lowers the volume for the whole clip. Is there an easy way or am I going to have to cut out the slected part and put it in another video track with the volume reduced. If that is so then how do I keep the two parts on either side of the selected part open and not just closing the gap. Sorry to be a bother but this problem is getting to me. Many thanks in advance. I am using the altrest version of the software.... if that helps. E.G.