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  1. I know your problem, sometimes I just have to change the angle or view and keep selecting floors until It gets deleted. I know this is frustrating as hell but I just keep at it and before you know it I found the right floor and angle to delete it.
  2. I'm looking to make a smooth curve not a octagon type curve, you know like round floors.
  3. I have been doing that to change directions of a wall but it dosent make the wall or path curve
  4. if you want to do this, then what i do is create a new story as a split level and then you can make the wall what ever height you want just remember to set elevation to 0 or what ever your elevation is. For example if you want to change a wall height on the second floor , then you would set your elevation to 8 feet or what ever height your 1st floor is. Hope this helps.
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