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  1. 2 hours ago, Nationalsolo said:


    Assuming you have VP reinstalled and open....,

    1. Can you manually drag and drop an image from a folder directly to the clip bin area?
    2. If so can you drag and drop the image from the clip bin to the timeline?
    3. If so will it play?



    No on all three. In fact, drag and drop is what I've been doing.

  2. You've given me version 5.04. That's the version I've been using.

    I went ahead and installed the download link you gave me, just in the off chance that might have made a difference. It did not. Same problem.

    Heck, in this particular attempt at firing up the app, I even got TWO error message at once! So for your convenience, here's a snip of both error messages in one shot!


  3. Wait ... your suggestion is a wee bit confusing.

    Make a backup of my project onto a flash drive. Ok, I got that much.

    After that, however, it's almost like I'm reading complete jibberish.

    You mention using my control panel. Well, I went into "Control Panel > Uninstall a Program." That's how I uninstalled VideoPad before reinstalling it. Am I supposed to do something else?

    Also, what the heck is Regedit?

    Can you give me step-by-step instructions on what you want me to do?

  4. Ok, something went seriously wrong and my system had to reboot itself in the middle of a video export.

    Now, I can't load any video clips into my project. I don't even get an error code; all I get is that the files couldn't be loaded. It doesn't tell me why not.

    Also, it's now prone to random crashes.

    Once in a while it also tells me that some DLL file is missing.

    No amount of reinstalling the software does any good.

  5. For the most part, Debut Video Capture software is great for recording my on-screen activities. However, it is not so great for recording the sound.

    It only seems to record audio from my microphone. While my microphone can pick up sound from the speakers, it doesn't pick it up very well unless I put the microphone next to the speakers.

    I already have an app that lets me record audio from my  microphone. It's called the "sound recorder" app and it comes default with my version of Windows. So I don't need anything else.

    Is there an app for screen recording that is just as inuitive as Debut, but that records audio from the speakers (preferably with zero quality loss, the same as if I had downloaded the video rather than simply recorded it), not the microphone?

  6. 9 minutes ago, N_C_H_josh said:

    It sounds like our Voxal software (http://www.nchsoftware.com/voicechanger/index.html) would fit your needs. We offer a 14 day free trial to let you evaluate the software.

    Is there a free version - not just a free trial, but a 100% free version - that has a few of the features locked?

    For example, I'm currently using a non-commercial version of VideoPad Video Editor. I've already found at least two features that I cannot use without a paid license: Green Screen and amplify. However, the basic features (e.g. video cropping and transition effects) are still free to use.

    Any chance I can get some voice-changer software that's genuinely free to use?

  7. Suppose I'm trying to create an indy CGI movie. Obviously, I can't afford to hire an entire cast of voice acting talent. The few voice actors I have (namely ... me myself and I) need to have their voices manipulated so that they SOUND like somebody different when they really aren't.

    I think there was an episode of the Rugrats that involved a device like this. Angelica used it to order lots of junk food by making her voice sound like an adult's.

    Is there any software out there - preferably a free license - that let's me do that?

  8. My version of VideoPad wants me to pay for a premium subscription because it says the trial period is over. I know for a fact that there is a free version of this software that has some of the nifty features (like green screen effects) locked, and you have to buy a premium subscription to unlock them, but you can use the software for free if you don't mind only having access to the basic features.

    I know this because I used to have it just a few months ago. I had to replace my computer and had to re-download all my apps, which is why I don't have it now.

    But I can't figure out how to just tell VideoPad that I just want to switch to that. It only gives me two options: Enter an existing product code, or buy a license online.

    How do I switch to the free, lesser version?

    EDIT: Just to clarify, my current "demo" version doesn't allow me to export my projects into wmv videos. That's my primary concern right now.

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