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  1. stebbinsd

    How do I remove a background?

    So I've got a high-res photo of a person and I want to use their face in another photo. How do I remove the background and leave their body intact? Before, I did this by going into MS Paint, hand-coloring everything around their bodies a solid color, and then going into VideoPad and using the green screen effect on that color before taking a snapshot. But that was an extremely time-consuming process. If I made even the slightest mistake, if I were even so much as a pixel off in any direction, the green-screened image wouldn't come out right. Does photopad have an easier way to do that?
  2. So I'm wanting to use some artsy fonts in my videos and snapshots (I use the snapshot feature in VideoPad to create the thumbnails for my videos) to help give my work some unique spaz and flavor. But once I've downloaded the new fonts, I have no idea how to import them for use in Video Pad! Are there any tutorials on how to do that?
  3. stebbinsd

    Voxal does not change my ovice

    I have checked both of those. Both are working. But I still get no change in the voice. I have an update. I was actually changing my voice using your software last night. But tonight, I tried it again, and it's not changing my voice again. So the software only works when it feels like it.
  4. stebbinsd

    Voxal does not change my ovice

    It didn't work at all for me. Using Windows 7. When I hit preview after selecting a preset effect it just played my voice back. When connecting to another app it just played my voice back. Nothing I could do would change my voice.
  5. stebbinsd

    Game footage framerate dropping

    I'm trying to record some gameplay footage. Out of the box, the recording was pixelated. So I followed these instructions ... https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/kb/1617.html ... that fixed the pixelation, but now I have another problem: The gameplay footage itself is slowed down to about 10fps! I've got myself an AMD FX-8350, a Geforce GTX 750ti, and 10GB of DDR3 RAM. So the problem can't possibly be my hardware. How do get the framerate to be acceptable?
  6. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    For some reason, the problem just randomly stopped. I'm able to import videos again and export the projects. Maybe it's the fact that I not only ran that executable that C_Major gave me, but also closed down the VideoPad application and restarted it. If the problem resurfaces, I'll let you know.
  7. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    Hey, at least we're making SOME progress now! At least now we're getting different error messages instead of making no progress at all!
  8. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    Running as administrator doesn't help. I extracted the DLL to the folder you said, but when I tried to import a video, it said that pthreadgc2.dll was also missing. So I ran that executable you gave me. But it still says I swresample-0.nch.dll is missing. So which folders do I extract those to once I download them?
  9. stebbinsd

    Where to extract avutil-52.nch.dll

    I keep getting this error message whenever I try to import a video into a VideoPad project: I can download that DLL file here: https://www.dll-files.com/avutil-52.nch.dll.html The question is ... what folder do I extract it into?
  10. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    Still doesn't work. Here's a suggestion: I keep getting this error message: I can download that DLL file. That's not a problem. The question is ... where do I extract it to?
  11. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    No on all three. In fact, drag and drop is what I've been doing.
  12. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    That actually caused even MORE problems! I had to reinstall Videopad just to get back to the status I previously was!
  13. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    I cleared the cache files, like you said. It freed up 199.99MB of disc space. But I STILL can't import any videos!
  14. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    I can't find the options menu. is that in my start menu? I see Control Panel, Devices & Printers, Default Programs, Help & Support, but that's it.
  15. stebbinsd

    Can't import videos after system crash

    You've given me version 5.04. That's the version I've been using. I went ahead and installed the download link you gave me, just in the off chance that might have made a difference. It did not. Same problem. Heck, in this particular attempt at firing up the app, I even got TWO error message at once! So for your convenience, here's a snip of both error messages in one shot!