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  1. stebbinsd

    Partial de-amplification?

    So let's say I'm editing some audio using VideoPad. At the audio track's loudest point, the audio is simply too loud. I could simply reduce the volume of the audio, but that would reduce the volume of all sounds coming from that track. Some sounds may be reduced to such a point that it isn't loud enough. I'm looking for a type of audio effect whereby I set either a decibal level or a percentage as my "threshold." Any audio that is louder than this threshold would be reduced down to that theshold. Not eliminated altogether, but reduced down to that thresshold. However, sounds in the audio track that are at the thresshold or below it would not be de-amplified at all. Does NCH have such an audio effect I can apply?
  2. I recently upgraded to Version 6.30, so if this issue has already been fixed, let me know. Anyway, sometimes, when I export a video, the finished product will have a weird green and/or red blank screen over the footage. This usually happens whenever in between cuts (e.g. if i cut out a loading screen in a game), but sometimes, it can happen randomly. Is this glitch documented? Has it been fixed already, and if not, are there currently any plans to fix it? EDIT: I just exported a video using Version 6.30 and I still had this problem.
  3. My desktop currently has three hard drives on it: Two SSDs and one HDD. The HDD is 2TB. My C Drive is a 64GB SSD and then I have a 250GB SSD. The original idea was for me to just have my OS installed on the 64GB SSD, and then have everything else that would benefit from the load times of an SSD be on the 250GB SSD, while my archives and things that don't normally require they work instantaneously (like archived copies of finalized videos I have already created) could be stored on the massive but slow 2TB HDD. When I installed VideoPad on this system, it did not give me the option of where to install it. I had to install it on my C Drive. However, because my C Drive is so small (it was originally intended only to store my OS and most essential apps), the VideoPadCache in my Temp folder often bloats up to practically fill up my C Drive completely. Just right now, my VideoPadCache folder has 20.0GB of cache files inside it! I can choose which folder to save my snapshots and other VideoPad recordings in. Is there any way I could re-route the VideoPadCache files so that they save on my 250GB SSD, which is much better equipped to handle cache files of that magnitude?
  4. stebbinsd

    Outlines around objects?

    Here, maybe this can help clear up the confusion: Let's say that I'm starting out with an image of the Jagged Crown from Skyrim, with a transparent background. At the beginning, the image should look like this: Now, if I added a “border” to it, it would suddenly look like this: However, I want the outline to conform to the shape of the image, not simply to be a solid 16:9 rectangle. The “Shadow” effect (which I called “drop shadow” in the OP) will conform to the shape of a transparent image. Applying some blue shadow to this image causes it to look like this: However, that is blurry. I want my outline to be solid, not blurry. I could turn the blurriness down to zero (the default value is 10.000). But if I do that, the shadow appears to disappear completely. I can assign a “distance” of 0.01, but then it looks like this: The shadow only appears on one side. I can then add a second shadow, with an angle of 180 degrees so that it shows up on the other side. But then it looks like this: Ok, that just looks like complete ass. What I ideally want is something like this: Notice how the blue outline is a solid color. It conforms to the shape of the letters, rather being a rectangle, and it isn't blurry. It's as thick or as thin as I want it to be, and it's applies uniformly on all sides. When I'm typing text using Ctrl+T, I can get this outline around my letters quickly and painlessly by using this feature: However, I would like to also have that feature for objects that have transparent backgrounds as well.
  5. stebbinsd

    Outlines around objects?

    I'm talking about this: The "shadow" effect will conform to the shape of the object, but it looks extremely blurry. The "Border" effect has a solid color, but it's always the shape of a 16:9 rectangle, even for images with transparent backgrounds.
  6. stebbinsd

    Outlines around objects?

    No, I mean ... like Section 4 of this webpage: https://www.tubefilter.com/2014/06/19/youtube-thumbnails-definitive-guide/ Notice how the thumbnails they're using for examples... ... have outlines (usually purple outlines) around the people's bodies. Video pad currently has a "shadow" effect, but it's extremely blurry. Notice that the thumbnails in these examples have clear, definite outlines around them.
  7. stebbinsd

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    I usually prefer to export by entering Ctrl+B on my keyboard. However, I have tried exporting using every other method available to me, including going to File > Export.
  8. It seems that, with every new version, you fix some problems but actively create even more! I'm on version 6.22 right now. Sometimes, I prefer lossless export because it takes less time. However, with version 6.22, when I use lossless export, it will always export beyond 100% of the video's length. Like with this export: This continues indefinitely, until my hard drive is completely filled up or until I cancel the export. And if I cancel the export, the video isn't watchable. This happens every time I use lossless export, and it's infuriating!
  9. stebbinsd

    Outlines around objects?

    When I'm typing text, I can very easily put an outline over the letters. By "outline," I mean that it conforms to the same shape as the letters, as the color around the outline is homogeneous. For example, suppose I'm trying to create a youtube thumbnail using the "snapshot" function. Suppose I want to have a character, person, or object be against a background. My options for making that object have a high color contrast against that background are very limited. For objects that aren't letters, however, the closest I currently know how to get to having an outline on them is using drop shadow. I can have the drop-shadow have 1.00 opacity to make it nice and bold, but it only provides an outline to one side of the object I'm trying to make an outline for. Then I have to do that for all four sides. Is there an easier way to do this?
  10. stebbinsd

    Censoring goes out of sync

    I still can't download Version 6.21. I tried downloading it again just now and it only downloaded 6.10.
  11. stebbinsd

    Censoring goes out of sync

    Good. Please remember that I was promised a product key by this comment:
  12. stebbinsd

    Censoring goes out of sync

    There is no version 6.21. The newest version is 6.10. That's the version that I download whenever I go to this link: https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html?ns=true&kw=nch videopad&gclid=CjwKCAjw2rjcBRBuEiwAheKeL0RQGjMnlqhhO9HVl0Vm7oNTReC7DSxFt-dfW82BRqqUMbeMJ0Kk_RoCb2sQAvD_BwE
  13. stebbinsd

    Censoring goes out of sync

    I have regressed to version 5.04 because version 6.10 has a glitch that makes my exports unwatchable: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/26212-export-quality/ Anyway, I'm currently doing a series on youtube that requires a lot of censoring. A lot of bleep sound effects and a lot of blurring of people's mouths. This series is in 20-minute increments. However, after the first five or so minutes, the mouth-blur video effect appears to de-synchronize with the bleep sound effect after I export. The de-synchronization becomes more pronounced the longer into each episode I get. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  14. stebbinsd

    Export quality

    Sweet. Do you have even the foggiest idea when the new version will be released?
  15. stebbinsd

    Export quality

    And you're working on a fix?