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  1. While In the Switch app, in the storage/emulated/music folder, there is a list of songs I'm converting from .wma to mp3. I convert them and there are .wma and mp3 copies. I select a couple of the .wma files, click ok, and then select remove. I go back to the music file on the app. But the .wma files are still listed. Why? I selected to remove, but they are still in the folder.
  2. Hi, somehow the majority of my mp3 songs converted to .wma files. I've been having computer probs and am waiting on a new one. Anyway I downloaded the Switch file converter paid app on the Google play store to my S6. My question is how to delete the .wma files after converting them back to mp3's. I see in the list there is an mp3 and a .wma copy. I want to delete all the wma's I've converted.Thanks to all.
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