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  1. If I read correctly, then there is no automated way, it's all manual, like if I trim 25 sec from a 3hr clip, now must go into subtitles and find the same spot, then some how adjust/shift all titles after that? Not very practical I think. sounds like need a way to "lock" subtitles and A/V.. Thanks. any other tips welcomed.
  2. I have an mp4 with in-sync subtitles, loading in VideoPad all plays ok, however, as soon as trimming of certain AV (audio+video) segment, then the Subtitles become out of sync. Is there a way to keep the subtitles in sync with A/V even after trimming? it should somehow auto-trim the subtitles as much as needed... Did do "apply" in subtitles window, but still trimming seems to make av and subtitles out of sync.. Thanks for any tips.
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