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  1. I am creating various videos that has in it several still photos that display as a slideshow. These videos will be posted on YouTube. My question is, how long is the ideal time that each picture should be displayed as well as how long should the transition take from one picture to the next?
  2. sjs94704

    PLEASE HELP!!! - VideoPad Turning off snap to grid

    THANK YOU so much! The alt key works for me!! I knew it was that easy but when a person does not know something like this, if I had never asked, how long would it have taken to figure that out or even know where to look? I also noticed on thew VideoPad help screens that they have no search field (that is unless I am missing where it is!)
  3. There are the thee icons for FX, Mute and unlink audio from video clip. They are in my way from being able to see that part of the sound track of a clip. Please tell me if they can be turned off and if not, how to most of you deal with this issue?
  4. This is soooo frustrating!!! Please ...... Explain how to turn snap to grid OFF in VideoPad in a way that a 5 year old could understand! I'm asking this because the support answers I have found are all in a way that is to me very technical; and uses terminology as if I already know what they are talking about and I don't. Is there a preferences setting somewhere so I can permanently turn it OFF! This really upsets me that it is not more obvious! Please don't ask me what I have already tried, just tell me .....please! I did a Google search for 'VideoPad turn off snap to grid' and I got Nothing!!! The ones I do get are for MixPad, but NOTHING for VideoPad.... Can someone please just make a video and post it on YouTube and just show me. If you type the answer, it might be clear to you but might not be clear to someone who is a total newbie and knows nothing about the software. I would be grateful if someone could just have the patience and understanding here and just show me with a short video just on this topic. OR, if there is already a video out there please tell me the timestamp within the video of where to find it so I don't have to watch an entire 30 minute video to see something that takes them less than a minute to explain. PLEASE!! sORRY FOR MY HOSTILE TALK BUT THIS ONCE AGAIN IS SOOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. With the help of a couple great people on here I got my screen to split into 2 side by side videos. I am essential got a 4 part harmony singing the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". As you know, once the singer sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" the next person starts sing and the fourth, etc. As each new person starts singing I want to split the screen you one more time and on the screen it adds the 3rd and the 4th person. I will be splitting the screen as I go in an effort make it easier for editing. So, I would like to know what formula if there is one to determine the settings the settings I apply to each
  6. sjs94704

    Split screen how to for v5.01 Professional

    YEAH! Got it! Thank you so much! Now, moving forward. What I am doing is recording myself singing the song "Row, Row, Row your Boat". So, I started out with just one of me on the screen. Then I split the track and lined up clip 2 to start when it ids supposed to. As I am sure you know the song goes "Row, Row, Row Your Boat ...........". Then just as the first person sings the word 'Boat' the second person starts singing the same verse and then the next and the next and the next. As far as when it is only two singers, I would love to have the two videos side by side but occupying the entire scree vertically and touching each other in the center of the screen. Is that possible and if so, how would I adjust the settings for that? Then, after the second version of myself sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat, I would like it to slip into 3 sections and then 4 for a total of 4 of myself singing that song. I would be grateful if you would be willing to provide these position and scale settings as I progress through the song. Thanks. Steven S., Berkeley, CA USA
  7. sjs94704

    Split screen how to for v5.01 Professional

    Maybe I am missing something or confused about it. My first goal is to have 2 videos side by side. BUT, when I do that on the screen I see 1/2 of one video and 1/2 of the other. Am I doinf somethinh wrong or will the actual entire video show on the screen once the video is rendered?
  8. I have v5.01 Professional and am in search of a video tutorial on how to use the split screen feature. I have done everything I know of to do a search on Google but so far I am only able to find ones that cover v3.xx, etc. which has a totally different GUI than my version. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to send me the URL to any video tutorials that might be out there for MY version (v5.01 Professional) so I can learn how to do this on my software. If you can do that I would be grateful. Thanks, Steven S., Berkeley, CA USA
  9. On each track there are those three small icons for FX, Mute, and linking of sound to video. I'm not sure how to key in the question into YouTube, but all I want to do is temporarily turn those off because they are in my way for editing. How do I do that?
  10. I am a singer. I have a webcam and will record myself singing each song. As the song is playing I want to also cut to other still pictures and be able to keep the song going and then cut back to the video again all hile staying in sync with the music. Is this possible and if so can someone either point me to a webpage or YouTube video that shows how to do this OR, provide me step by step instructions.? I would be grateful for anyone who can assist in this project! Steven, Berkeley CA USA
  11. sjs94704

    Creating a slideshow with pictures and music

    Thanks once again! This is so helpful!
  12. sjs94704

    Creating a slideshow with pictures and music

    Muchos Grasias ! Thank You! I really appreciate the input. BTW, is there any link you can point me to of intructions about way I might be able to take te transitions even a few steps further?
  13. sjs94704

    Creating a slideshow with pictures and music

    Hey c_major: Thank you very much for your response! I know it will save me loads of time trying to apply transitions one at a time. Think about it for a moment. I have not done it yet, but how many pictures will it take to occupy 4-8 minutes worth of music? I know it depends on how long each picture is being shown, BUT, still if I was doing te transitions one ar a time, that represents A LOT of time to do it that way! Once again, THANK YO very much! Steven, Berkeley, CA USA
  14. I am a singer and have produced some music. Each song is from 3-8 minutes long. While I was recording my music, I had someone snap a whole bunch of headshots of me while I am singing from all different angles and such. So now I have a total of about 250 headshots. My goal is to line some of these pictures up and use enough of them to create a slideshow that lasts as long as the song. What I want to know is how do I make it so that there are random transitions from one picture to the other without having to go through one at a time and set up each individual transition? Can I just highlight all the pictures and click on something somewhere that will just do it all for me? I hope so. If this is available please provide either instruction on how to do it or a link to a web page that already has the instruction on how to do this. Thanks in advance for your time and input! Steven, Berkeley, California USA
  15. I am just new to using MixPad and I have the Masters version. Primarily, I am using it to record my karaoke songs I like to sing. But, with MixPad, I want to take my songs to the next level by adding a little beat to them and having fun mixing them up and not just blindly singing each song in their original form. So, I am interested in find som videos, such as on YouTube that goes in depth on how to maximize the features of mixPad. Can anyone please offer some suggestions? I would be grateful!