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  1. Rich Text Format not working

    I'm trying to create a Rich Text shortcut and cannot get it to retain the formatting. I have tried several times using XXSIG, XXSIG1, and so on. It has bold, italic and font size showing in the Expansion area, so I know it's a Rich Text shortcut. However, when I apply the shortcut which inserts the body portion, all I get is regular text. This is for an mail signature and I have tested it in a gmail window using Chrome and Word. Am I missing a setting somewhere to apply this correctly?
  2. Expands to: (Local group: Default)

    OK, please tell me if I'm missing something here. I moved a bunch of related shortcuts to a separate group. However, if that group is not in "focus" in the editor, the expansion does not work. If I change the focus to my new group, then the default ones do not expand. Seems like they should all work all the time; otherwise it's kind of useless. Can someone confirm or advise?
  3. Expands to: (Local group: Default)

    Excellent! Thank you!
  4. How to print the list of shortcuts?

    If you dump your screenshot into Microsoft OneNote, you can use the OCR capability and get it to the clipboard (Right-Click + Convert image to text)
  5. Expands to: (Local group: Default)

    I'm getting a huge list of expansions. Is there a better way to organize them? I'm seeing this at the top of the list: "Expands to: (Local group: Default)" which makes me wonder if there are other "Groups" that I could use as categories. TIA-DV
  6. Morning or Afternoon

    Is there a way to have a variable that would insert either Morning (as in Good Morning!) or afternoon depending on when the expansion was used? Right now I have 2 separate inserts for AM or PM on nearly 50 templates.
  7. Image in Rich Text

    I use a jpg in my corporate signature. Is there a way to insert it as part of a rich text expansion? Or do I have to chop my signature into 3 parts; text/img/text to get it to work?