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  1. Creating Audiobook Chapters

    I found that I can use iTunes to combine the split files so that iBooks displays them as a single audiobook. This is what I was trying to accomplish.
  2. Creating Audiobook Chapters

    First, I have virtually no experience with audio file editing...which I'm sure is obvious! I have a number of full length books in MP3 format that I want to listen to using iBooks on my iPhone. Most of these are very large (up to 12 - 15 hours). Loading them full length as an audiobook doesn't work. They're too big. I downloaded WavePad and split a 12 hour MP3 file into 10 separate files. This works but each file appears as a separate book in iBooks. I have other large MP3 audiobooks that appear in iBooks as one book but they're displayed as individual small chapters. Is there a way to do this using WavePad?