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  1. The first caller put on hold would hear nice music - perfect! When the 2nd caller is put on hold, the 2nd caller will hear music that is double the usual speed. However, it only affects the 2nd caller - the first caller which was still on hold was not affected. Has anyone had experienced with this? You may try dialing 197 one after another. Thanks very much for all your assistance.
  2. Thanks very much for all your input. The problem is now resolved by setting "YES" to "CW Setting" in the USER TAB. However, I am having trouble configuring the SHARE LINE APPEARANCE. I wish to have LINE 2 Button on all my 4 SPA942 phones registered as ext. 117 so that when LINE 2 is in used - all other phones can see the RED light on LINE 2. Currently, all my phones can registered successfully and make outgoing calls on line 2 one at a time. However, I can't tell whether LINE 2 is in used unless I try to dial out using line 2 where it immediately "CALL ENDED". Thank you very much for all your assistance.
  3. Anyone has a solution how to put the current call on hold and pick up another incoming call? I am using SPA942 phone which will not ring whenever I'm on the line. I have tried placing the current call on hold and still the incoming call will not ring on my phone. Thanks.