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  1. I have read through these postings very carefully, and I still cannot understand what are the restrictions of the home free version (link to home free version posted in this thread). I used the trial version (not the free version) and tested it for several hours, recording about a dozen short clips, and then the software said I needed to buy it if I wanted to use it. I saw that indeed I could not use it anymore without buying it. OK, I accept that. So does the free version continue to work indefinately, or at some point will certain options (like not recording to formats other than avi, for example) not be available? If so, what options will be available indefinately? Will the free version at some point watermark or some other way restrict usage? For the short time that I tested the free version, I recorded to avi and I think the software did a very good job of capturing video with sound. So I can't understand what extra features will be given to those people who pay the $25 (or so) to get the basic pay version. If you are purposely being cryptic about this topic, that's OK, just let me know that the topic needs to remain confusing and cyrptic, and I can assume your need for that.
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