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  1. Hi, A few months ago, I purchased the Switch audio converter and I have had constant issues with it. It works fine when I first time my computer on but after about an hour it will just not do anything. I won't convert anything. I have to either restart my computer or completely shut it down and then re-start all over again and then it works. I run a home business so I cannot be continually shutting down my computer several times a day in order to use my Switch converter. I have sent several emails to NCH but have received no response. I have paid for this switch converter so I feel as though I should get some response back. I have NOT purchased premium support because, for one, if I can't get the converter to work properly, I really don't want to pay more money for something else that may not work unless I know I will get the service. I would appreciate any help from anyone INCLUDING NCH please!!!!! Thanks. ShelleyAnn
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