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  1. So, I've always had this major issue with VP. Let's say I need to insert some sound and I need to extend the video to match it. So, I find some point with still frames and I want to extend that ("play it slower") over the extra audio duration. That is not what happens. What happens is I split the video in still frames, for a clip consisting entirely of still frames. I extend it to the desired length. It REPLAYS video that would have been in that position before the audio pushed it out. Yeah. So it literally plays the video that was there before the audio was inserted, over the duration of the inserted audio, and video then REPEATS when the extended clip ends and the original video resumes. No idea why and it's super aggravating. I've looked for settings, some kind of secret knowledge so I know why this happens and how to make it not happen. No idea. Help!
  2. I've been studying my project and it seems to me that other similar titles look better. The only difference in them is the text color. Could be optical illusion that they are better.
  3. It is in his example. I was hoping for a setting or a procedure or something besides "it just works" because that gives me nothing to go on. Default renderer. I don't think graphics driver matters. I'm starting to doubt I'm reasonable, but what I can say is the preview is far more optimistic and I don't see why there should be any discrepancy at high quality levels, let alone the big differences I am experiencing. I don't believe it's relevant (or it shouldn't be, it's a text overlay) but the source data is 640x480 and I'm rendering it at 1024x768. Same result at 640x480 of course, I just hoped the text would be better and for unrelated reasons I need to upsize the format.
  4. Nat: Ok, you can't see so well. I will try again. PREVIEW: RENDERED: One important point to make also is that the whole image is degraded, not just the text, although the most problematic part of the results are the text layer. Major: This was done in 5.2. Of course...here http://members.dslextreme.com/users/hwh/files/text title.zip I'm just about positive the same thing happens in 6.1.
  5. Not sure how to interpret this silence. I guess it means "no one cares."
  6. Probably related to all my other videopad quality issues, amiright? Text layers look great in preview and the editor. Rendered, they suddenly look a lot worse. I already tried setting the codec quantizer to 10 (just for testing) and it looks pretty much like this: PREVIEW RENDERED The bottom is an exact rendered frame of the top preview. Please note the bar on the E. Look at how jagged it is. Or the bottom curve of D, ooh, nasty. I already tried to fix this with effects. Sharpening of course accentuates it. I tried a blur of .04 which gave great results in the editor, that's what you see here in both pictures, but it really doesn't solve the problem as the bottom picture shows. Help!
  7. Hi, guys. My initial test is promising. I will probably be able to use this at least for the project in front of me; it's lower resolution. Now if it really works, it will work on my other long deferred project, in part because, again, I made these titles by hand with an external program, they looked great, but as soon as I imported them and rendered with videopad I got some degradation and blurriness. Cross my fingers on that one. Thanks for this tip! :)
  8. I have been trying to do this for a couple of projects and it never works. The idea is to take one frame, drag it out (for instance make one frame last 4 seconds) and then make it a title, monochrome or whatever. The idea is there is no motion, it lasts as long as I want, and I can apply effects, and then everything snaps into motion since the title includes in the background the first frame. What happens when I try to do this in Videopad is I just get a clip that duplicates the first 4 seconds of the video. It has sound, hundreds of frames - I might as well have gone to the 4 second mark, split and copied that instead of what I was trying to do. Just now I tried stretching out the smallest piece Videopad will work with, .001s, and it just gave me 4 seconds of something else when I tried to stretch it. So, why does this happen and how can I do what I want to do? Thanks
  9. Hey there. I had a similar question to quickly zoom in on a spot and then zoom out of it. The answer is right here. :)
  10. I did. They are at 512x384. At least that's what virtualdub says it is. That's how videopad detects it too. Version, I was using 5.2 because I don't love the dark color scheme, but I switched over to 6.1 to check and it's pretty much the same, except for some reason 6.1 absolutely refused to make a lossless video with any picture in it. I tried PNG and BMP and both renders "failed." So I compared with the two native renderers at high quality, MPEG4 and H264. H264 was the better of the two, but comparable to the results with version 5.2. As far as general video quality, I think there is something going on when pictures are included in projects. I am going to try some crazy workarounds to putting pictures in my other project because sharpening won't work there (picture frame should be the same as video frame and it is not). For this project, I am going to sharpen the hell out of it and that should work. But it's too bad it doesn't just come out looking good with 1:1 pixels.
  11. The left image is the source file and the right image is a lossless rendering of it. But that's beside the point. The video looks good compressed (of course a little better lossless, but 2x as large). If I could somehow massively increase quality to get the pictures to look the way they do outside of videopad, which I can't, that wouldn't be a solution because of the massive file size. I understand compression, I just don't think what I am experiencing is normal.
  12. The video and images are exactly the same size, 512x384. So there should be no border. Put this aside for a second. In my other project I captured frames, made them grayscale and added captions. So they are literally frames from the same video made into a PNG with some captions. So it should look, if the source file is of good quality, the same as the adjoining video frames. SHOULD... It doesn't look horrible, but it is worse. As the picutre demonstrates. At a glance it's the same. But the details are gone. What format do you use for inserting pictures? Do you do anything special with them other than dropping them in?
  13. I have had this issue for a long time. If I try to add a still image like a PNG to a video, not only will the image itself lose focus, but the video somehow becomes compromised and blurrier. This was a serious issue in my video where I had captured frames, made them grayscale and added captions, because they are immediately compared to adjoining video, so the video gets suddenly blurry and then goes back to sharpness when motion resumes. But even then the video itself isn't as clear when pictures are on the timeline. I have also had abundant issues with audio pops when using images. Here is an example of a title I made in Gimp along with a lossless copy of it in a video. At first glance, it's the same. But check the contrast of the text, and the detail on the texture of the green thing. Look around the rim of the green eye and the base of the tentacles. Oh, just so you know, the image is the same size as the video, custom made for it. That is 512x384. Is there anything I can do about this besides trying to sharpen everything, since I know it won't render right? It looks sharp in the editor. I have even tried converting these PNGs to little video clips. Same thing, it lowers the quality of the image. Help!
  14. I decided to split the last 4 seconds of my clip. Then, I applied the transparency effect with the fade out option. Seems to do it. Thanks for the help!
  15. I have two clips in a project. I want one to fade out for 4 seconds. Then I want the next clip to appear. VideoPad is not letting me do this. If the clip that fades out is the last clip in the project, it works. If not, VideoPad wants to make the next clip fade in. That's totally not what I want. I want fade to black, next clip appear. No fading in involved. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
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