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  1. Jack11223344

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    The bug is reproduced and will release a new version soon. Thanks for reporting.
  2. Jack11223344

    Support for .SF (.SF1 .SF2) files

    Hi Bluffwood, can you please send me some sample sf files to my email address jack.zhang@nchsoftware.com so that I will look into it.
  3. Jack11223344

    8K videos

    Sorry, we currently don't support any format above 8K.
  4. Jack11223344

    ΓΈ M4A bug x2

    Hi Feroz, version 4.35 was released on 2013, our newest version is 5.17
  5. We have had repeated issues of a antivirus considering our products viruses and marking/deleting the downloads. We are working the av companies and gets them unlisted. So it is either a) your local antivirus is deleting it as a virus. Try disabling it and re-download and run Windows 8/10 it could be Windows SmartScreen but you can tell it 'Run anyway'
  6. Jack11223344

    m4a tag support

    Hi jkollar, are you able to upload the original and converted file(which have either nothing or garbled information in track, )to somewhere that I can download, I will look into it.
  7. Jack11223344

    Exported audio quality on NARRATED audio terrible

    Hi Aresby, as borate said, it seems your output mp4 file has been normalized. Can you please check your videopad->Options->Media and make sure "Automatically normalize audio volume" is disabled.
  8. Jack11223344

    m4a tag support

    Hi jkollar: Can you please provide more information about what did you do and which part is broken? I tried 5.12 and I have no problem converting from m4a to mp3, mp3 to m4a, mp3 to wma. And also, tag is preserved
  9. Jack11223344

    Convert to Flac 192 kHz 24 Bit

    Windows version has been updated, and the MAC version will be released soon.
  10. Jack11223344

    Convert to Flac 192 kHz 24 Bit

    A new version has been released, please download on our website .http://www.nch.com.au/switch/
  11. Jack11223344

    Exporting .WAV in u-law for VOIP phone system

    Hi Jonathan_F: I am using windows 10 64 bit and I can convert to ITT u-Law @ 8.000 kHz, 8Bit, Mono. There is a "Options..." button next to output format, choose ".wav" and click "Options...". In the Wav Encoder Options dialog, Choose Settings: Custom, Encoding, CCITT u-Law, format: 8.000khz 8 Bit, Mono. What windows version are you using?>
  12. Thanks WhyJackson, we have confirmed this issue and will fix this in the next release.
  13. Jack11223344

    Convert to Flac 192 kHz 24 Bit

    Hi VDK, we will implement this in the next release.