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  1. I am trying to convert a .mov file to an mp4 and Prism works for a minute and then stops and gives me the message "Error during the conversion process, please change the encoder!" What can I do to make the program work right?
  2. I have a few short 20 - 30 second .mov files that I am trying to work with in Videopad. They look like they are fully loaded (I gave them plenty of time, the time bar is all green and the video frames are showing) but when I try to play the clips so I can see where I want to start and end them, they won't play. I hit the play button and everything just hangs there for a while and then the red marker slides all the way to the end of the video like it played. I have cleared the cache in videopad but that didn't change anything. I have some mp4 clips on this same project and they are working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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