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    Video ending too early

    Actually you might be on to something. I thought that shade signaled a fade? The program booted and autosaved, and I'm trying to export again now, and there are no shades. So far it looks allright. I still have to wait a few hours to know for sure though.
  2. Wavy77

    Video ending too early

    I keep exporting my 87 minute long video just to see it putting the end spot at wrong marks all the time. First it was 22 minutes, then 2 minutes, then 3 seconds, then 0 mark. It seems to be in connection with text boxes. It's like the text boxes keep telling the creator too end the video before it's over. Is there a way to force the end mark of the entire project?
  3. Wavy77

    End point at timeline is wrong

    I made a film that lasted about 40 minutes. During editing I noticed that around 32 minutes "Place on sequence at end" option put the clip at the same spot every time, even after that spot is not at end. I didnt think much about it until I exported the video but then noticed that what the program defined as the end point in fact became the end point of the film, meaning the last 10 minutes were simply left out. Now I try to edit it again, the "Place on sequence at end" option constantly end up at the same point, even if I remove all the clips at that point (if a corrupted clip was the problem). Has anybody encountered this before? Sorry, found out now that you can actually move the out point. Never saw that one before