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  1. Thank you. But all I can see there is: Version 6.00 Windows Release Uploaded 2018-02-07 No release information is given. Weren't new functions added? This should be a major release...
  2. Hi, Where can I find the release notes of version 6 please? I'd like to know what has changed and what was added. Thanks,
  3. Hi, Where are Express Invoice data stored under Windows 10 please? And how can I change the default folder? I'd like to backup my data overwriting the previous data. I don't like to have a folder for each backup date, it is useless and after a while it takes a lot of space on the disk. So I'm trying to think of an alternative backup option. Any ideas are welcome :-) Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately what I need is inside invoices. Each line item has a unique code and I would need to search at least that code (and even the descriptions, if possible) in order to determine whether a certain item was already invoiced. But I understand it is not possible. Thank you
  5. Hi, Is it possible to search for a term or a code inside invoices please? I often need to determine whether I already invoiced a specific PO number (which I always quote in my invoices) but I don't know how to search. Thanks
  6. gabriellas

    WIN 10

    I use the free version (4.65) under Windows 10. The fax option is available for delivery in the invoice list. I cannot confirm if it works because I don't use it.
  7. Thank you Teri. Adding a prefix to the invoice number works. This looks like a workaround though and I don't like it very much. Is it possible to suggest a new feature, e.g. the possibility of starting a new year with the same business? It seems this important feature is missing in the software.
  8. Hi, How can I start a new year so that I can use the number 1 for invoices again please? If I change the invoice number to 1 the program says the number is duplicate. Thank you
  9. Hi, I think I had the same problem. Here is a workaround that helped me and hope it will help you, too, in the meantime :-) https://is.gd/uCU0Ei Have a nice day
  10. Thank you, this is useful. But how can I display only overdue invoices for one customers or all customers please? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I cannot find an effective way of displaying all invoices which are due for a specific customer with the due date. Or, all invoices which are due for all customers with the due date of each. This is very important, I need to see all due invoices at a glance, so I guess there must be a way, however I can't find it. Can you please help?
  12. Hi, I set a standard Note Comment to appear on all my invoices. But I need to be able to hide this comment for a few select invoices. How can I do it please? I tried to delete the text by hand in the specific invoice form, but the text remains in the invoice when I record the invoice. Thank you Gabriella
  13. Thank you, that worked! Now, is there a way to show the PO number in the list of invoices?
  14. Hi, I'd like to solve a couple issues I'm having with the Customer PO number, e.g.: - I cannot find any field in the Options where I can change the "Customer PO number" label name. In Options - Invoice - Invoice Text, I can edit any other label name in the invoice except for this one. I need to shorten this label because it gets truncated in the print - This PO number is not displayed in the "Order number" column in the Invoices window. What is supposed to be displayed in that column please? I need to see the customer PO number when I display the list of invoices. Thank you, Gabriella
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