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    Mixpad project won't open

    Ops, me again, one year later. :-) now the problem is that after my lunch break I cannot open the work anyone as I get the message "Unable to open project - This Mixed project is not opening correctly due to an unidentified problem. Have you moved or deleted any of the project files?" and the answer is obviously "No, I haven't". :-( can anyone help? :-) Thank you!
  2. kommunic8

    Mixpad project won't open

    Hi Guru, I'm having exactly the same issue, when I try to open the mixpad file, I get the message that "MixPax failed to load the project, please check the project file path, or download the latest version". All the files are there, the audio was working fine 10 minutes earlier - I got the message after I took a short break and didn't move any file. Any way you could help me? Thanks! Cristina