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  1. Funnily enough, although I tried this and think it's rubbish that the font changes from Windings to Arial after a project save and re-open, you're example with a square hiding something on-screen would help me sometimes when I leave a user name or some other personally identifiable information on screen that I want to blank out. So, two things need to happen: NCH must fix the bug that changes the Wingdings font back to Arial, and once that's done, I can then experiment with the effect (like you just showed me, thanks so much for that Nat) secure in the knowledge that the character I've ch
  2. That's a good suggestion, I'll try it although if I reopen a project it will be a bit onerous to change the character(s). I'll see how it works, thanks.
  3. Interesting thoughts there Nat. Whilst I don't have a requirement for glowing text I do think that the whole text thing needs a decent update. For example, adjusting the leading (spacing between lines) is not possible, at the moment, and it even throws a wobbly if you change the text size on different lines - the leading goes all over the place with a 24pt leading for a 5pt text. Trying to insert a blank 5pt empty line is all but impossible. It makes it quite difficult to get the look I want. Your suggestion of having text fly in, letter by letter in an animated PowerPoint style
  4. I tested this out, using the settings suggested by Nat et al and discovered a few things. 1. I set Normalise Audio on (a full description of how things works - you say it replaces existing audio rather than just amplifying it? - would be useful) as I want my entire video at a fairly standard audio level when exporting (a bit like how a radio station might do it, with both compression and limiting). 2. I discovered my input audio source was set to the USB microphone so I changed it to Default Device and Windows Mixer and found that the USB microphone was already the default device but i
  5. Just saw the above response about my narrated audio - I'll certainly try this but I do really want the audio on the entire video normalised (when exporting and during playback in VP), so by disabling it will this cause me issues? BTW I'm not even sure if I've got that setting checked, I'll test it out on Saturday (21st Jan).
  6. I've uploaded the VP project (EndCardsTestNarration) and narration (.wav) files, plus the generated .mp4 output to this location: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4owslf2e9g0tamh/AACi3ik8zF_u3RyJvpVMyQ1aa?dl=0 The audio when playing in VP sounds as I would expect; the generated audio in the .mp4 file sounds clipped. This only happens when using a narrated source, not a video input file, I've found. I'm generating the output at 25fps YouTube HD 1920 x 1080, custom quality of 8192 bps and audio at 128k (these settings have been used for the past 12 months). Can you hear the distortion in my g
  7. "Tested a narrated export (mp4) here and results matched those in VP preview." In that case I will have to experiment further, perhaps it's a 4.58 change. Remember that I do this sort of thing several times a week (narrate, that is) and this is the only time I've had a problem. I will follow your guidance and if no luck send you the project (only 30 seconds long) with my generated output to see if you can repeat it or tell me what's going on!
  8. I don't understand this: I've created a short 30 second video which consists of some text and audio narration (created by recording my voice within VP). Sounds fine in VP but when I export it (with exactly the same settings as I always have done) it sounds distorted as though it's clipping (even if I speak really, really quietly). If I record a video using OBS and import that and then export it (as above) it's fine. But narrated audio in VP always sounds awful even though it plays fine within VP. Using version 4.58 in Windows.I've used the Record > Narrate often and it's always been
  9. I have sent you a message indicating where you can pick the file up from (all 4Gb of it). Good luck!
  10. I never really got to test out 4.44 as I had already done my editing for the week. But 4.45 was really dire with that 100% CPU problem (even after a reboot). Do you still want a VP project to test out on, I can upload a zip to Dropbox over this weekend for you, unless you already have one now. Let me know, I 'll pick up the post later.
  11. Sigh. With version 4.45 I've come back to my 40 minute video this morning to some quick editing to find that my CPU maxes out at nearly 100% and it's almost impossible to move the cursor without the CPU doing this. I'm trying to get on with editing but am finding I'm unable to do any actual editing as the CPU almost stops my entire machine now (even the mouse pointer). I've reduced the preview window resolution (again) but that had no effect. It's now at 768 x 432 @ 15fps which is as low as I can go without losing the detail I need to see in the preview. I'll clear the cache and reboot
  12. Oh dear, v4.45 and I'm getting repeated Building Preview... Please Wait - even on clips that have no transitions between them (just a cut). So disappointing... I'll shut down VP and reload and see if it goes away. OK, after reloading VP, one particular cut / transition that refused to do anything other than give me that darned Building Preview message now just displays as you might expect. The question is, why did VP refuse to render the clip in preview mode before I reloaded VP (preview window just froze with that message) and why does it magically do it just fine after I reload? Next
  13. I've taken this release now too but it's too soon to say (and two days too late after a marathon video making weekend!). I can't find the release notes for this (minor) release...
  14. Yes, I would certainly prefer to wait until it is 100% tested than discover 'undocumented features' an hour into making a video project that trashes my video project!
  15. Are those 'few days' up yet? I'm really keen to get this fix
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