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    Scribble Video Effect

    @JimmyRustle there are some professional examples out there but here's a basic one somebody posted. Scribble Video Effect Example
  2. sohhh

    Scribble Video Effect

    Is the scribble effect (hand drawn overlays that are frame-by-frame dynamic) doable directly in VideoPad? Thanks!
  3. @Borate I'll try it. I want to show subsections of the video in the 4:3 format without aspect ration issues as I use it for Instagram. So I move a 4:3 frame around within the larger 16.9. Black bars show...but not when outputting the cropped version.
  4. @Nationalsolo I usually shoot 16:9 on my cell phone but output 4:3 for Instagram. I used the zoom tool to highlight the section of the wider video I wanted in the narrower Instgram frame. I typically saw the black bars while editing, then output at 4.3 and accepted the crop prompt. It worked pretty well! So I want 4.3 output from the 16.9 where I move the frame around without any aspect ration problems.
  5. I upgraded to the latest VideoPad and I'm struggling with zoom & aspect ratio. Previously I would use zoom to fill the screen on 4:3 or narrower for social media. Now I do the same with the zoom tool and it distorts the picture. I used to check the Preserve Aspect Ratio button. I don't see anything similar now. Cropping just makes the highlighted area small, but doesn't fill the screen. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Nat -- I get that shorter clips have the faster render, but with the prior preview window, there was zero lag. Now there is massive lag. (I did the upgrade today) I have a laptop that had no issue previous to the upgrade which is why I thought some settings issue was the reason for the very poor performance.
  7. I just cleared the disk cache and also verified I had disk space. Each little change creates a full 'rebuild' of the video file rather than a 'live' preview like the prior version. Is there a way to have the effects preview pane back?
  8. I'm trying to do some effects work with key frames and the full video keeps rendering now, not the fast updates that used to be in place. It is slow slow it is effectively impossible to use! Previously I would see the rough preview with effects, then when done, the full render would happen (slowly). Now I do the changes in the effects window and the full render happens with every small change making editing virtually impossible as it is so slow. What am I doing wrong!